Iris Robinson’s “Lovely Psychiatrist” Tried Curing Patrick Strudwick Of The Gay. Now He Must Explain Himself

Patrick Strudwick, the awesome reporter who posed as a conversion therapy patient to expose charlatan counselors (see our interview here), just inserted himself into the Iris Robinson scandal. Because Dr. Paul Miller, the psychiatrist and former advisor to the Irish anti-gay adulterating lawmaker, is one of the quacks Strudwick exposed — and has now reported.

In an interview before her sex scandal, Robinson called Miller a “lovely psychiatrist” who “tries to help homosexuals to run away from what they are engaged in.”


In his original article, Strudwick identified Miller as “David,” the therapist whose Skype session went like this:

In the following session I tell David I’ve had sexual thoughts about him. “Thank-you for being honest,” he replies with a small laugh. “I’m trying to model unconditional love for you, so it is very natural that you would have sexual thoughts related to that. Although we’re doing this over the internet, there is still a potential for a sexual connection. So there’s probably a part of your mind that’s thinking that through.”

[…] I say that when men compliment me on my appearance it triggers sexual feelings. He probes again, asking me how I’m feeling as he talks about my body. Aroused, I repeat. But rather than moving away from this apparent sexual trigger, he asks if we can do an “exercise” around it. I agree.

“Close your eyes and focus on that arousal you’re feeling down in your genitals,” he says. “I want you to hear, as a man, as I look at your body, I see strong shoulders and a strong chest, I see a man who has an attractive body and I want you just to notice the arousal you feel as you hear me talking about that. Imagine an energy and picture that energy as a colour, and make the brightness of the colour relate to the intensity of the sexual feeling, so you might be starting to get a bit of a hard on, you might be starting to feel an erection and that sexual energy, but I want you to just picture that as a coloured light. What colour would it be?”

Red, I say.

“I want you to imagine that red colour, that energy and listen to the affirmations that I see you as a strong, confident man, and I want you to move that red light from your genitals up into your chest to join that feeling of affirmation as a man, and as you breathe in that affirmation do you notice now what happens to the arousal?”

Strudwick has since reported Miller to the General Medical Council for harming, not helping patients. (When Robinson was chair Health Committee at Stormont, Miller was in her employ.) And with the BBC asking questions about Miller’s practice, the “doctor” is staying silent: “I am currently responding to a complaint made to the GMC and it would therefore be inappropriate to comment at this time.”

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