Irish Footballer Thanks “Girlfriends, Boyfriends” Of Teammates In Front Of Packed Crowd

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 9.08.26 AMThis is our kind of ally.

In a victory speech at the All Ireland club football championship, St. Vincent team captain Ger Brennan did what many team captains before him have done: thanked the families of his teammates for their support.

Except this is the first time the girlfriends and boyfriends of the footballers have been thanked.

What we really love about Brennan’s comment is how much of a total non-event it seems to be for him to acknowledge gay teammates in front of a crowd full of fans.

And in what’s sure to be a shock to socially conservative idiots the world over, the stadium doesn’t start to crumble. Parents aren’t forced to shield their young, and hell doesn’t crack the field open enveloping everyone in a torturous flaming abyss.

In fact, nothing happens at all except a seamless celebration of the teams victory.

It’s quite a beautiful thing to witness. And the accent isn’t hurting.

Teammates of high profile athletes like Michael Sam and Jason Collins take note.

Here’s the clip:

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