Cover Wars

Is the Military Ready for Gays? Marine Corps Times Thinks So. Readers Not So Much

THE SHOT: Just a few days before DADT is set to be out and done within the military, the Marine Corp Times is putting gays on the cover of its September issue.

Kind of.

Real faces would have been too affronting, so an abstract visual will have to do. Props on the bitchingly bold headline though.

Servicemembers United is taking credit for the cover, saying that it pitched the story, recruited sources and even conducted some of the interviews. Not to anyone’s surprise, the feature is generating some debate among readers.

A comment on Marine Corp Times:

This article is absolutley [sic] disgraceful. Not because of the subject, but becuase [sic] of the content. I do not need to know about how gay men and women handle a shower situation. Just way too much information.

Au contraire, we must know more about how gay soldiers handle that shower situation…