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“Italian Barbie” goes on homophobic rant after being kicked off Southwest flight


She’s known as “Italian Barbie” online, but we’re not sure by whom.

Nevertheless, the fledgling, unbelievably obnoxious 25-year old “Internet star” is apparently working overtime to ruin her reputation before anyone even knows who she is.

After being kicked off a Southwest flight, Vanessa Grancagnolo decided to post a homophobic tirade to her Twitter and Periscope accounts.

“Because he’s gay and he’s all sassy,” she shouts. “I am sorry my energy way better, greater than yours. Sassy fag. Sassy fag. Story of my life. 60,000 people are watching you. Where is my mom?”

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The hubbub went down last month, after Grancagnolo was asked not to use dirty words after she called her stepdad a dick on the phone.

Displeased with being asked to put a cork in all that cussin’, she decided to get into a fight with the flight attendant — who kicked her off the plane.

Unfortunately for society at large, the plane was still on the ground.

“Gay guy,” she crows. “He can’t deal with a girly girl. Greg emotionally and vocally assaulted me. And physically assaulted me!”

That’s so Italian Barbie.

Check her out below. She’s the most annoying thing to happen to your day: