Italian Model-Cum-Politico Won’t Support “Pointless” Gay Pride

Here’s one reason why former beauty contestants and showgirl’s shouldn’t go into politics: Mara Carfagna. Recently appointed as Italy’s minister for equal opportunities by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Carfagna proved her penchant for inequality by saying she would not back “pointless” gay pride:

Carfagna said in comments published Monday that she would not back the June gay pride event in Bologna because “gay prides are pointless.”

“Homosexuality is no longer a problem, at least not the way the organizers of these demonstrations would have us believe,” Carfagna said. “Gay pride’s only aim is official recognition for homosexual couples, on the same level with marriage. I cannot agree to that.”

“Gone are the times when homosexuals were declared mentally ill,” Carfagna told Corriere della Sera. “Today there is such a thing as integration into society.”

Please tell us this chick’s not for real.