Don't Speak

It’s Not Just Gays! Even Tracy Morgan Wants T.I. to Shut Up


Yesterday T.I. called TMZ to let the world know that gay people “take themselves too seriously” when they criticize him for liking Tracy Morgan’s hilarious anti-gay jokes. Apparently even Tracy Morgan himself would like the clueless rapper to zip it.

A friend of Morgan’s told the HuffPo‘s Rob Shuter:

“Tracy wishes T.I. would just shut up,” a friend of the “30 Rock” actor tells me. “It has not only picked the scab off a very ugly wound, it has also put Tracy in a very difficult position. Does he issue a statement distancing himself from T.I. or does he say nothing?”

We’d go with saying nothing for now. The last time Tracy opened his mouth about the gays, he had to spend months apologizing.

Photo via david_shankbone’s Flickr