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It’s Not Just Gays! Even Tracy Morgan Wants T.I. to Shut Up


Yesterday T.I. called TMZ to let the world know that gay people “take themselves too seriously” when they criticize him for liking Tracy Morgan’s hilarious anti-gay jokes. Apparently even Tracy Morgan himself would like the clueless rapper to zip it.

A friend of Morgan’s told the HuffPo‘s Rob Shuter:

“Tracy wishes T.I. would just shut up,” a friend of the “30 Rock” actor tells me. “It has not only picked the scab off a very ugly wound, it has also put Tracy in a very difficult position. Does he issue a statement distancing himself from T.I. or does he say nothing?”

We’d go with saying nothing for now. The last time Tracy opened his mouth about the gays, he had to spend months apologizing.

Photo via david_shankbone’s Flickr

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  • bagooka

    Evan, may I suggest a few tags? Including HOMOPHOBIA, HOMOPHOBIC JOKES, and EMBARRASSING COMPANY instead of OVER-SENSITIVE GAYS.

  • Wordsmith

    “The last time Tracy opened his mouth about the gays, he had to spend months apologizing.” And then went on the David Letterman show and poo-pooed the whole thing with a ‘but-I’ms-just-a-comedian’ wink and nod.

  • christopher di spirito

    Who cares? TI (what a stupid name) is just another ghetto thug with no education and an IQ lower than the temperature in my home.

    Tracy “I would kill my gay son” Morgan is a talentless hack. The only reason he’s on NBC’s ‘Thirty Rock’ is so that GE/Comcast can meet their EEOC requirements.

    Why is Queerty fascinated by these two idiots?

  • Steven

    It’s like the entire world revolves around these two. Holy fuck, no more.

  • Ian

    The more Tracy Morgan keeps his mouth shut, the better the world gets…

  • Franco

    TI should spend more time raising his kids, trying to stay out of jail and reading a book.

  • lohen

    Makes me sad to live in the Thousand Islands area… It’s abbreviated T.I. if you happen to be slow or something.

  • jason

    Tracy Morgan and TI are like two shits swirling down the toilet together.

    As for Tracy’s friend talking to HuffPo’s Rob Shuter, why on earth is he talking to that stupid website. It censors a lot of posters’ comments. Huffington Post is one of the most censorship-happy sites on the net.

  • Wendy Rothman

    @christopher di spirito: Sick burn, chris. I always look forward to your manly insults of homophobes like T.I. and company. You could say I know manliness like the back of my hand, because it’s so hair-free and effeminate.

  • Adman

    Hip Hop dog level dummy silences entire AA community, social scene reveals dialogue turned passive aggressive. New Black Fred Phelps tries to emerge on the world stage, is observed displaying hard on to fellow inmates in the county lock-up. News at 11. YAAAAAWNNN, Southern klan scum run the Black dialogue into the ground, and they make it look easy. It’s so 1864.

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