purse non grata

Ivanka brought a $1,500 purse to Monday’s tear-gassing and now its designer is facing a boycott

After driving her own fashion line into the ground, it appears Ivanka Trump has begun dragging other brands down into the sewer with her.

As history will always remember, on Monday, Donald Trump had federal police fire rubber bullets and tear gas at a crowd of peaceful protestors outside of St. John’s Episcopal Church so he could walk over there and have his picture taken holding a bible.

What people didn’t know at first is that Ivanka played a major role in the disastrous publicity stunt.

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The New York Times reports that not only was she the one who encouraged her dad to show a sign of force after it was revealed he had spent part of the weekend cowering in a bunker, but she personally transported the bible he used in the photo op from the White House to the church in her $1,540 Max Mara handbag.

Vanity Fair reports:

Understandably, the Italian luxury brand hasn’t sent out any press releases to tout the event. Fashion houses often do that when one of their items makes a prominent public appearance, though they’ve largely slowed such updates during the protests and the coronavirus pandemic. A representative for the label didn’t return a request for comment.

But while the fashion house may not be speaking about the matter, people on Twitter sure have a lot to say. Some are going so far as to call for the brand to be boycotted.

The last time Max Mara made beltway news was in 2018 when Nancy Pelosi was photographed in one of the brand’s coats while leaving an Oval Office meeting where she sparred with Trump over the impending government shutdown.

At the time, the fashion house was quick to seize the opportunity by posting about it on social media and reissuing the coat.

We wonder what changed this time around?

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