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Ivanka would like a medal for donating “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to send oatmeal to Ukraine

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But in Ivanka Trump‘s case, that road is paved with grifts, oatmeal, and self-congratulatory videos posted to social media.

Last week, the former first daughter announced plans to donate 1 million meals (meals, not dollars) to starving Ukrainian families.

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On Sunday, she posted a video on Instagram crowing about her generosity, saying she and her partner organizations had made good on that promise, before addressing the people living in the war-torn country directly.

“You are in our thoughts and our prayers, and our heart breaks for what you are experiencing in this dire time,” Ivanka said. “You have inspired the world with your courage and bravery as you fight for your country and your freedoms.”

“God bless you.”


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In the video, Ivanka didn’t mention anything about how, as president, her father often parroted Kremlin talking points, excused and sometimes even embraced Russian aggression, and fawned over Vladimir Putin.

She also didn’t mention how her dad was impeached (the first time) for threatening to withhold military aid to Ukraine if it didn’t supply him dirt on Joe Biden prior to the 2020 presidential election.

Ivanka followed up the video with another post sharing photos of recipients of the meals, along with the caption, “Our meals, sent with love and prayers, arriving in Kyiv.”


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While it’s nice of Ivanka to want to help, most people would agree that boasting about her own altruism on Instagram during a humanitarian crisis caused by one of her father’s favorite murderous dictators is in pretty poor taste.

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Furthermore, the International Business Times reports Ivanka donated “hundreds of thousands of dollars” of the reported $640 million she made while working in the White House to the effort and that most of the food was packages of “oatmeal and goulash.”

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