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Ivanka plans attending inauguration for the sake of her “promising political career”

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump (Photo: Public Domain)

Ivanka Trump has been pondering attending Joe Biden’s inauguration, according to British newspaper The Daily Mail.

It says that it has spoken to a source within the White House, who told them, “Ivanka is worried that her promising political career is in jeopardy and she’s doing whatever she can to save her reputation.”

However, the suggestion of her attending the inauguration in Washington DC on January 20 reportedly enraged her father. President Trump made it clear last week in one of his final ever tweets (before being booted off the platform) that he would not be attending.

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“He said it’s an insult that she would even want to engage with the crooks that are trying to bring him down,” claims the insider.

“The president told his daughter that her presence at the inauguration will cost her thousands of supporters and would be the worst decision she could ever make.”


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The source says Ivanka believed her attendance showed she was “being a good sport and will gain future supporters.

“She said she has to protect her own political aspirations and isn’t about to muck it all up by attending her dad’s 2024 campaign kick-off which is set for the same day. She’s leaving that for her dad and Don Jr.”

The newspaper says another unnamed source at the White House has told them Ivanka will not be attending the inauguration.

Ivanka herself has not commented on social media or issued any statement clarifying where she will be on January 20. It was confirmed a couple of days ago that Vice President Mike Pence will be attending the inauguration.

In not attending, Donald Trump is breaking with tradition. The last President not to attend his successor’s swearing-in ceremony was President Andrew Johnson in 1869.

This week, the Democrats launched formal impeachment proceedings against Trump for his role in last week’s attack on the Capitol. It is the first time a US President has faced potential impeachment twice.

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What Ivanka Trump, a senior aide to her father during his time in the White House, plans to do after her father leaves office is unknown. However, it has been noted that she and husband Jared Kushner have recently bought a large property in Florida, with some pundits speculating that she may be considering a run for the Senate when Marco Rubio’s seat comes up for re-election in 2022.