madam governor?

Ivanka rumored to be eyeing run for Florida governor, even though she’s never lived there

Everyone’s talking about Ivanka Trump.

More specifically, everyone’s talking about what Ivanka Trump is going to do after her family is evicted from the White House next month and she’s thrust back into civilian life as persona non grata.

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First, there were reports that she planned to stage a grand New York society scene comeback. Then there was talk about a possible career in reality television. Now, the latest rumor is that she’s considering a possible run for… Florida governor?

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering, “Wait… wha? Why Florida? Huh?” And that’s a very good question. Ivanka doesn’t live, vote, or pay taxes in Florida and, aside from maybe partying at Mar-a-Lago on occasion, she doesn’t appear to have any ties whatsoever to the Sunshine State.

CNN reports:

Talk of an Ivanka Trump run for Florida governor in the near future has come up, as has a possible run for Congress in New Jersey, both states where Trump has vacation homes. The Trump-Kushner family currently rents a home in DC’s tony Kalorama neighborhood two miles from the White House.

Our guess is Ivanka views Florida as low hanging fruit when it comes to winning votes while simultaneously being a place she could actually envision herself living. Unlike, say, Mississippi, where she might have an even easier time getting elected, but which doesn’t have Saks.

A source confirms to CNN that Ivanka “definitely has political ambitions” and “wants to run for something, but that still needs to be figured out.”

A longtime acquaintance of the first daughter adds, “[She] has ambition in her bones. She is driven by getting to the top of whatever it is she wants to get to the top of.”

“Of all the children, Trump is focused on her running,” another source adds. “He sees Ivanka as the heir apparent.”

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While Ivanka may be Trump’s favored pick to carry on the family’s political dynasty, Eric’s wife, Lara, is also rumored to be considering a run for office. Last month, it was reported she was eyeing the seat of North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, who plans to vacate in 2022.

Of course, who knows if any of this will ever actually happen? Considering that Ivanka appears to be ensnarled in at least two investigations–one for inauguration spending and another for tax fraud–she may have more pressing matters to focus on than a gubernatorial run in a state where she isn’t from.

Then there’s that pesky little poll that came out last month which found a majority of Republican voters don’t think she should ever run for office and wouldn’t vote for her if she did.

Be best, Ivanka.

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