Did Ivanka Trump accidentally on purpose commit perjury? It sure looks like it!

Things aren’t looking too good for Ivanka Trump.

In addition to being criminally investigated by both the New York Attorney General’s office and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, it now appears she may have also committed perjury while speaking under oath to the D.C. Attorney General’s Office.

A little backstory: The D.C. Attorney General’s Office has been investigating the misuse of inaugural funds and overpayments made to the Trump International Hotel back in 2017. Last December, Ivanka spent five hours giving sworn deposition to lawyers from the DA’s office. Now, her testimony has been released and it sure looks like she lied under oath.

During her deposition, Ivanka was asked about Allen Weisselberg, her father’s longtime colleague who she has known literally her entire life and who Melania Trump‘s former BFF/senior advisor says was deeply involved in the Presidential Inauguration Committee.

Raw Story reports:

The former president’s eldest daughter told investigators under oath that she was unaware of the job title of Allen Weisselberg, who had worked for Trump Organization since the 1970s and had long served as the company’s chief financial officer, during an investigation of the family’s business dealings.

“I don’t know what his exact title is, but he’s an executive at the company,” she testified.

Weisselberg’s personal tax filings have fallen under investigation by New York attorney general Letitia James, who’s also conducting civil and criminal investigations of the Trump family, and many expect the longtime Trump accountant to flip.

The “Gosh, I really don’t know him…” line is one Donald Trump frequently uses whenever he’s asked about a member from his inner circle after they’ve become ensnared in controversy–from Paul Manafort to Prince Andrew to Vladimir Putin.

Considering how well feigning ignorance has worked for her dad, it makes sense that Ivanka would give it a try herself. Unfortunately, nobody seems to believe her.

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