Jack Mackenroth Named “Compete” Magazine’s Athlete Of The Year

Jack Mackenroth may be best known for his stint on Project Runway, or for having an ass that defies science and nature, but he’s also an accomplished swimmer who’s been kicking laps and taking names since age six. LGBT sports publication Compete magazine recognized Mackenroth’s achievements by naming him their 2012 Athlete of the Year.

As a member of Team New York Aquatics for the last 20 years, Jack has done everything from coaching to planning social events and training camps to designing the team logo. One of the team’s most successful swimmers, Mackenroth  holds three All-American titles, a Masters National Record in the 4×50 meter medley relay and he’s won gold in every Gay Games competition since 1990.

Out of the water, Jack is a prominent and proud role model for the LGBT and HIV-positive communities. Positive since 1989, Mackenroth has gone on to volunteer with a number of HIV/AIDS organizations, speak at events and fundraisers around the country about living with HIV, and  founded an HIV educational campaign called “Living Positive by Design.”

Most recently, Jack founded Volttage.com, a dating and social networking site dedicated but not exclusive to HIV-positive men.