Jake Gyllenhaal Spends Night In Cave With Bear, Emerges Smiling


Set your DVR for the July 11 season premiere of Man vs Wild as host/tough-guy-who-sometimes-drinks-his-own-urine-from-a-snake-carcass Bear Grylls chaperones beard-sporter/brief-dater-of-Taylor-Swift Jake Gyllenhaal on a tour of Iceland. But instead of kicking back with a hot mug of cocoa in the cozy sound booth as Sigur Ros and Bjork lay down tracks, or even bothering to challenge that country’s most famous musical exports to contests involving feats of strength (which, come to think of it, given past evidence of people who step to Bjork thinking they’re dealing with an adorable Christmas pixie, they could well lose) the man-duo chose instead the ruggeder activities of Iceland, such as active-volcano-exploring, frolicking in ice-cold rivers and bedding down together for warmth in snowy caves.

Yes, okay, it’s too easy to make dumb homo-adjacent jokes about Gyllenhaal. This is a pro-Jake operation and snickering about him is a game of gay T-Ball only fit for the Country Music Awards. Apologies. This is going to be awesome television.

Wait, just one more. Reports Bear on his guest’s appetite for manly adventures: “[Gyllenhaal] said he wanted to be pushed and afterwards he said he’d never been pushed so hard.”