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James Franco’s Nude Movie Awes, Inspires

MFA whiz James Franco screened his thesis project (the naked basketball movie The Feast of Stephen?) at NYU and “an eyewitness” reports that it “pretty much had no plot and featured men in clown masks, men in dog masks, and shots of male genitalia urinating. I think everyone was shocked by how much male nudity there was.” Yes but who won the game?

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  • SouLKid

    I love James Franco. naked or not, i think he’s hot.

  • romeo

    I just love formal attire.

  • Marcus


    Don’t forget he’s smart as hell.

    I’m dying to see more of his work–everything he does is one big gayfest.

  • Cam

    Maybe he should have come out on May 5th also.

  • Mario

    I bet he´s a bottom too!…that would be perfection..

  • jeffree

    When James Franco shows his face or opens his mouth in any movie I’m fit to be tied! Or to tie him down, even better — of course only in a “safe, sane & consensual” way! [same goes for Colin Farrell!] Both are fine brave actors, smart, edgy, omnisexual (in my dreams!) & have the James Dean vibe goin’ on. Ok yeah that’s a code word for possibly slightly “kinkee like jeffree.”

  • Ryan

    Gee. Queerty, thanks for the important update to this story that broke over a year ago. Next week, you should have a post discussing what they served at craft services.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Ummm, Queerty, you posted this story in February, and at least that time, you also posted the film. A great treat. Also posted is a short “behind the scenes” video.

    Do Queerty’s own writers/contributors not even read their fellow writers/contributors posts? Apparently you also don’t search your own archives just to be sure.

    Only good thing, another chance to see James Franco.

  • alan brickman

    he can do what he likes…he’s hawt and supportive of the gays….don’t be jealous….

  • AlienMindTrick

    Hottest. Man. In. The. World. !

  • ossurworld

    Is James Franco better suited for Chip’n Dale or Chippendale?

  • Sexy Rexy

    Never really understood the appeal of this guy – IMO, he’s greasy-looking with yellow teeth from smoking.

  • Truth Addict

    Is that some kind of thick liquid on his chest/stomach?

  • jar

    I guess this settles the question of his sexuality. No gay man would ever use a clip bow tie as a costume. Only straight housewives find this chippendale’s attire appealing.

  • Daggerman

    …well to be frank, I envy James Franco because of his illustrious career! (even though he might not call it that) The amazing roles he takes on and how he acts them out—he is a truly attractive young man, and I would like to have his children! Oh dear, sorry I am man myself! Weird…it will be!

  • MarvelUs

    I really admire James Franco. He is comfortable in his skin, and wants others to experience the same. Watch him smile :) !

  • Jay

    I would be very comfortable in his skin, MarvelUs. Or on his skin. Or under his skin. Or next to his skin.

  • pscheck2

    O.K., so he’s str8 (for now) and wants to show off his eccentric side of his personality. However, a while back he was only chasing boys, if you are to b elieve these blind gossip columns! I think it’s obvious where he stands as to his sexuality, and being coy and somewhat disingenuous, he is playing it to the hilt! I think his brother is better looking and sexier than him, so, who knows, will the brother come out or will he play the same game as James? (IMHO)!

  • BlogZilla

    @Sexy Rexy: You must be blind. And I can only imagine the fright that your looks are..

  • Derek Williams

    The hottest man before, during and after sliced bread.

  • D P

    @Truth Addict: — Yeah, I was wondering the same thing @Truth Addict. Just what is that shiny thing on James Franco’s abs that’s causing me so much arousal?

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