Angry Gay Left Blew Up Spot

Jeff Gannon’s A Lying Gay Saint

Former prostitute turned conservative press mole Jeff Gannon’s new book doesn’t have any steamy stories of late night romps. In fact, Gannon insists rumors of his sexual ways are greatly exaggerated:

Gannon resigned as White House correspondent from the conservative Talon News in 2005 amid charges of right-wing bias, inexperience and salacious accusations about his personal life. In the book, he admits nothing, referring only to his “perceived sexuality” and “photographs said to be me in various states of undress.”

“In actuality,” he writes, “my personal life was dull compared to the fantasy world created by the Angry Gay Left.”

“Perceived sexuality”? What about when Gannon reportedly came out to Michael Rogers:

When questioned if he was gay, Gannon said he “was a member of this community.”

Rogers went farther: “Are you a gay man?”

“Absolutely,” Gannon said.

Perhaps “perceived” doesn’t have a bipartisan definition.

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