John Barrowman’s Marriage Made Him Target For “Vile” Online Abuse, Which Included Quotes From The Bible

John-Barrowman-Gets-MarriedNot everyone was as happy as you (and we) were when actor/heartthrob John Barrowman announced he’d wed his longtime partner Scott Gill earlier July 2, just after the Supreme Court made it legal for the two California residents to marry.

The actor, known for his roles on series Dr. Who, Torchwood and the current hit Arrow, has revealed he received a lot of really nasty hate mail in lieu of flowers and congratulatory notes.

“I don’t get it. Some of the comments were outrageously vile,” Barrowman said. “Quoting lines from the Bible. I won’t tolerate it. People like that are banned on my Twitter account. I tell them to fuck off.”

Barrowman doesn’t understand how his marriage has made him a target for such hatred.

“People have a right to their beliefs but it doesn’t mean they have to be nasty and deny other people their human rights,” he added. “The world is not going to change and fall apart because a gay couple got married. It’s a way for us to celebrate our love. That’s it.”


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