John McCain’s (Secret) Gay Meetings

John McCain’s obviously not ready to come out for the gays. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee has kept up a series of off-the-record meetings with the Log Cabin Republicans.

We’ve known for a while that McCain and the gay GOP group have been holding talks, but apparently things are getting serious. Too bad everyone’s remaining mum:

Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon confirmed his meeting with Senator McCain earlier today.

A source with close ties to the Log Cabin Board of Directors provided information about the meeting to GayPatriot earlier this week. This source disclosed that the Log Cabin meeting was not reflected on Senator McCain’s published schedule in advance and the meeting. A second source familiar with the Log Cabin-McCain meeting reports that Senator McCain has routine personal meetings that are not shown on the Senator’s public schedule.

The specific timeframe of the Sammon-McCain meeting is not completely clear, but appears to have taken place within the past couple weeks or so.

Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon confirmed the meeting with Senator McCain in email correspondence with GayPatriot earlier today: “We’ve had a series of productive meetings with the campaign since Sen. McCain won the nomination–including a recent meeting with the Senator. We expect to have more conversations with the campaign as we head toward November.”

Sammon and his fellow Log Cabinites have yet to endorse McCain, so obviously they’re not ready to come out for him, either. Don’t you just love the smell of shameful, forbidden political love?!