John Stamos Shares Steamy Shower Shot With “Scream Queens” Costar Glen Powell


So, as John Stamos’ Twitter account indicates, there was a sexually arousing shower scene in Tuesday’s episode of Scream Queens.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Stamos and actor Glen Powell shared an usually fleshy moment in the locker room, leading one Twitter user to suggest it was probably an uncomfortable scene for the men to film.

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Stamos demurred:

Well yeah, it could have been awkward. It was pretty awkward, but Glen is so damn funny. I at least wore a G-string or something, but he wore a very tiny… a medium-sized sock.We laughed a whole lot. We did a lot of pushups; he likes to do pushups. He likes a lot of oil, there’s a lot of oiling up. I swear we ran out of oil on that scene.”

He previously told EW he thinks it’s only fair that male actors bare it all.

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“Well, it’s about time,” he said, because you know it’s the girls all the time, so let’s put the guys to work.”

Meh. Okay, now that all that is out of the way, can someone please tell us what’s going on with the narrator of this segment? “…while a killluh is on the looose….”

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