Just How Many ‘Tens of Thousands’ Of You Showed Up at the March?


So just how many people did attend the National Equality March? It depends on which news outlet, and whether that news outlet is part of Big Gay Media, you ask.

The Washington Post says “tens of thousands of gay rights supporters marched from the White House to the Capitol.” The New York Times echoes that vague figure, saying, “an eager crowd of tens of thousands on the west lawn of the Capitol.” But if you check with The Advocate, that number explodes to something more definite: “some 200,000 people gathered.” That figure comes from local authorities, but as Time‘s John Cloud notes, “estimates of Mall crowds are notoriously unreliable.” And it puts the “budget per person” ratio at $1 per attendee; NEM spent about $200,000 to make everything happen.

And then there’s this argument: Everybody is lying, and the crowd was no bigger than 20,000.

For what it’s worth, Cleve Jones never doubted you would all show up. All “tens of thousands,” or “200,000” of you.

(Photo: Mike Cho for Queerty)