Just In Case You Lose Your Way From the Gayborhood, These Street Signs Will Guide You Back

Gay Street in New York City might be the most obvious marker of the West Village’s homosexual roots (you know, besides Pieces bar), but now Ottawa’s gayborhood wants in on the fun. So they’re erecting street signs reading “The/Le Village” so gay bashers know exactly where to hang out. Which I find to be quite a gesture from the town gays, because gay bashers are stupid.

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  • concernedcitizen

    Cute! but why The Le Village???
    Le Village would’ve been perfectly fine.

  • John (CA)

    As the national capital, Ottawa is officially bilingual.

    If the signs were only in French, it would have probably violated some obscure law.

  • concernedcitizen

    @John (CA): Oh thanks for the info!

  • kevinVancouver

    All of Canada is officially bilingual ….. ;)

  • Paul in Canada

    Great, just what we need, another ghetto!

  • hephaestion

    North Halsted Street in Chicago does the same thing, doesn’t it?

  • Michael

    OK then, fine on the bilingual thing. Why not make the sign read: “The Le Village Village”.

  • Vman455

    @John (CA): …like that scene in “Canadian Bacon” with Dan Aykroyd as the motorcycle cop.

  • Klarth

    @hephaestion: That was what I came in to post. It’s kind of cool, actually. And that one huge sign.

    Actually, I wish i was there now. I visited during pride, and it was kind of fun, even if I could have had more fun than I did (IYKWIM).

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