Kari Lake praises Ron DeSantis for his well-endowed leadership

Kari Lake says Ron DeSantis has BDE
Kari Lake and (inset) Ron DeSantis (Photos: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

Trump-backed Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s for his BDE on Sunday.

BDE is an initialization for “Big Dick Energy”. It’s usually applied to someone who conducts themselves with the quiet confidence and self-assuredness … or someone who knows they have a big dick but doesn’t need to brag about it. It is not necessarily a comment on someone’s actual dick size.

Lake made the comments on Sunday at a Turning Point USA conference, aimed at young conservatives, in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Love the guy, fantastic,” Lake said of DeSantis. “He is gutsy. The guy has bigger…wait, let me think about how I want to word this.”

“That guy has a backbone made of steel,” she continued. “I’ll tell you what he’s got, I don’t know if anybody’s heard about this, but he’s got BDE. Anybody know what this means? Ask your kids about it later. I call it ‘Big DeSantis Energy.’ Right? He’s got the same kind of BDE that President Trump has. And frankly he has the same kind of BDE that we want all of our elected leaders to have.”

Watch below.

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“Grossly inappropriate”

The comment has been criticized by many. In an opinion piece in the Arizona Republic, writer Laurie Roberts said, “This is a candidate who decries the sexualization of our children then goes on the campaign trail to talk about the penis size of her idols.”

Even someone close to former President Trump was unimpressed. His former legal advisor, Jenna Ellis, tweeted, “Am I the only young conservative who thinks this kind of rhetoric at a TPUSA event is grossly inappropriate?”

Lake was unrepentant. She took to Twitter yesterday to say, “Uh-oh! Twitter is on fire because I said President Trump & Gov @RonDeSantisFL both have “BDE” I stand by what I said.”

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Governor DeSantis appeared at the same Turning Point USA event on Sunday. If he was bothered by Lake’s comment, he hasn’t said so. Yesterday, he tweeted an endorsement of Lake in her bid for election.

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