Kevin Naff Named New Editor of Genre

genre_2_2Just a week ago, Washington Blade editor was penning nonsense rants against Queerty on the Blade’s blog. That very same week, we learned that Neil Boulton, editor of the ‘sometimes we print, sometimes we don’t’ magazine Genre, had moved on to greener pastures. Improbably, these two stories of gay media stupidity decided to come together and form a delicious gay media stupidity sandwich, much to our delight. It’s like peanut butter & jelly slathered on top of art directed pectorals that will probably only be delivered part the time and will hopefully be filled with angry rants against Queerty! Happy day!

The Washington Blade reports on its old boss’ shipping off to sea:

“Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff has been named editor-in-chief of Genre Magazine, according to William Kapfer, co-president of Window Media, parent company for both publications.

Naff will continue in his position at the Blade while also directing editorial operations at the magazine.

Naff will join Genre after more than three years as editor of the Blade.

“Kevin brings a real passion for LGBT journalism, and an appreciation for the vital role Window Media’s collection of print and digital assets bring to the community,” Kapfer said. “This appointment underscores Genre’s mission to continue to produce the top quality magazine in our category—while continuing to provide readers with easily accessible, fresh, original content across our suite of integrated media channels.”

“I’m excited to join the team at Genre and to help build on the magazine’s colorful history,” Naff said. “I look forward to advancing Genre’s mission, while also celebrating this year the Blade’s 40th year as the nation’s leading LGBT news source.”

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  • Nick


  • My Genreation

    Two questions: 1) Is the guy gay, or “pan-sexually” non-committal? 2) Is that an actual new issue of Genre, or just a moc-cover?

  • WestVillage

    A real journalist coming to Genre…..finally! You go Naff.

  • Tim

    ahh you got passed over!

  • Cam

    It’s a perfect job for him…he was posting stories about Brittany Spears while Prop 8 was going on. Who better to run Genre?

  • hardmannyc

    #4 got it: basically a two-fer. Naff can do Wash Blade and Genre. Magazine has been so thin it doesn’t make sense to have an outside editor at this point. Maybe when (if?) ad sales pick up …

  • petted

    The guy on the right of the cover is hot.

  • blueballs

    Naff is an idiot who doesn’t have a clue, but I do feel bad that he will work for David Unger. The man has not paid any of us for a year now. You can hate Boulton and the way he parlayed his many sex missteps into a book and rumors of a show but I’m jealous of him because at least he was smart enough to get out before the ship went down. While you people were busy writing about his ex girlfriend’s rants about him, you failed to investigate the sad reality that Genre and David Unger failed and continue to fail to pay US for the tons of hard work that made Neal Boulton’s relaunch of Genre even possible for the past many months.

  • daveb

    Naff’s done great things with the Blade. give him a chance.

  • echelon

    I agree, leave Naff alone and give him a chance. Boulton did a great job in redesigning Genre.

  • Eric

    How is it possible that someone would continue to work for a company that wasn’t paying them? That just sounds blatantly stupid on the employees part. Or are people complaing that they were not being paid enough?


    @My Genreation: This is not a new cover or a mock up. It is a cover from early 2008 or 2007. I just hopes this means that I will get all the issues I paid for.

  • hardmannyc

    Blueballs: David Unger has owned the Washington Blade for the past eight years.

  • Sebbe

    1 more reason to not subscribe

  • blueballs

    @Hardmannyc: He also just fired the ad director, the marketing director, and the publisher William Kapfer. He’s a loser.

  • TheUsualSuspects

    Naff at Genre – good move….Kapfer leaving – another EXCELLENT move for Genre; they may now actually have a chance to succeed.

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