L.A. Times: JavaScript Inventor Gave $1,000 To Pro-Prop 8 Forces

The Los Angeles Times is reporting Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and the inventor of JavaScript, donated $1,000 to the Proposition 8 Fund, which worked to pass a marriage-equality ban in California.

Despite some legal wrangling, the names, home states and employers of Prop 8 donors’ are on the public record and have been tallied by the Times in a handy online database. (It also lists people who contributed against the ban.) Thankfully, it appears Eich (right) was the only staffer from Mozilla—which operates Firefox, the Web browser you’re probably reading this on—to cough up some dough for the haters.

Y’know, there are a lot of ugly stereotypes about computer programmers, but we’d never put “homophobes” among them—Eich just makes his fellow tech nerds look bad.

Here’s hoping he stays a virgin for another 51 years.

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  • FreddyMertz

    I removed Mozilla from my pc…got Chrome…eh….thinking of going back to Explorer now.

  • Chris

    Other people of Mozilla have donated against H8, thankfully. I hope it pains Eich to know how much pro-gay activism people do on the net nowadays. Screw him.

  • Anon

    This ruins my theory that intelligent people cannot be homophobic. Bummer.

  • dave

    Chrome is better anyway.

  • Kris

    A whole $1,000?!? Wow…

  • J

    He’s ewwww. Just ewww.

  • Belize

    @Anon: Oh honey, don’t worry. That theory may still stand. After all, not all programmers are intelligent. It’s a discipline. Work on it long enough, you’re bound to make something replaceable–like Firefox.(Posted this using the multi-colored Google Chrome)

  • Belize

    Also, Eich looks pitiful. I’m not even talking about his physical appearance. He just seems like one of those self righteously clueless people who only seem smart because he reads a lot. It’s sad.

  • B

    No. 7 · Belize wrote, “@Anon: Oh honey, don’t worry. That theory may still stand. After all, not all programmers are intelligent. It’s a discipline. Work on it long enough, you’re bound to make something replaceable–like Firefox.”

    Hate to break the news, but Javascript was developed by Netscape, which Microsoft put out of business in a manner that triggered an anti-trust suit, plus prosecution from the Department of Justice. Microsoft ended up paying Netscape $750 million to settle it.

    BTW, javascript has nothing to do with the Java programming language beyond both using a syntax similar to the syntax used by the language C. The original javascript implementation was buggy and very slow. After years of work, borrowing ideas on “just in time” compilers developed for Java, the performance is now far more reasonable. Plus javascript was standardized as a language technically named ECMAScript.

  • W

    You know he has like 4 kids right?

    Also, I myself personally am in favor of gay marriage and equally, but one should not condemn Mozilla for a member of staff’s actions, I mean plenty of staff smoke but you don’t see anti-smoking campaigners saying Mozilla is evil for that reasons, law in California says you must list your employer if you donation if over a certain amount.

    If you are hellbent on going against what he has created and is involved, go into your settings/preferences on your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc), turn JavaScript off and enjoy your internet experience.

    I’m not saying I condone his actions, but in the same way we accept those who have different religions, sexual orientation or so on, we should accept this is his view and not go on a witchhunt.

  • whatever

    He’s not just an employee. It was his company. Anyway, as a long time Linux Firefox user, this is the perfect excuse to ditch that bug-ridden constant-crashing POS browser forever. Even Internet Explorer has caught up and surpassed Firefox. Chrome is far far better. Safari, Opera, etc. etc.. the options are many. There couldn’t be an easier product to boycott than third rate open source crap-ware like Mozilla Firefox.

  • the crustybastard

    I hope this becomes incredibly awkward for him, and I hope people will forever ask him why he thinks HE deserves the comfort and security of marriage and a family, but his friends and colleagues don’t.

    I wish it would cause decent and valuable people at Mozilla to hand in their resignations, telling him they don’t wish to associate with a hateful bigot.

  • Ginasf

    No problem… just dumped Firefox and am using Google Chrome. Adios jerk. Being a talented nerd doesn’t make your bigotry and less odious.

  • Erik

    I have such foresight! I dumped Firefox for Chrome 3 years ago.

  • J

    I have respect for his donating to Prop 8.

    Why? Because he has the guts to stand on his own and not kiss ass like the other asshole homophobic hypocrites who voted against P8 for superficial reasons.

    Now,I don’t like him because he’s a homophobe but I respect his decision.

  • L

    It’s always the same story, if you disagree with the homosexual activists, you’re a “hater” and a “homophobe.” There’s always lots of emotional language, labeling, and name calling. It’s still a free country, right? Has anyone noticed, by the way, that the pro-gay movement is awfully demanding? You either agree, or your the enemy. For all the accusations about the political Right forcing it’s perspective and religious ideology on everyone, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to do the same thing with gay activism? You’re either with them, or you’re wrong. Hmmm. Telling it like it is, if you’re anyone of influence and you’re not pro-gay, you’ll be pressured to become pro-gay or go bankrupt by being tied up in lawsuits for years. Is this really the group you want to support?

  • jimmy

    rolls eyes

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