LaBarbera Blasts Weiland Donation

The late Ric Weiland left quite a legacy in distributing $65 million between various gay donations. Some nasties, however, want to sully the moment.

Americans For Truth leader Peter LaBarbera recently urged his fellow bigots to start donating more lest the pink dollar seduce more children to the dark side:

Already the pro-homosexual movement outspends the pro-family movement specifically on the issue of homosexuality by a huge factor, and this is only going to make it worse.

[B]ecause what you’re doing is creating a financial incentive for students to publicly declare their homosexuality at a young age. nd when you throw money in the mix, you’re encouraging students to declare their homosexuality; you’re promoting homosexuality among young people — as if they needed it with all the pro-gay messages in our culture. I think it’s just a very sad thing.

Genocide is sad. Poverty is sad. Kids accepting themselves earlier? Not so so. As for this “financial incentive” business, we’ve never heard such hog wash – not since LaBarbera last spoke, at least.