Sloppy Seconds

Ladies Read More Filthy Messages From Grindr, Scruff and Growlr

We know a lot of you absolutely loved the video of funny ladies reading your filthy messages from Grindr, Scruff, and Growlr, so you’ll be as thrilled as us to watch some of those ladies and some newbies back for round two.

There’s something about a woman talking about “getting piggy” that will never cease to be hilarious, though all the “hot safe daddy sex” talk gives us the giggles, too.

And, honestly, who can’t relate to the desire to start a weekend trip to a new city by blowing the biggest dong he can find within 2000 feet?

Watch, and be careful what you write on the apps, boys. One man’s horny dirty talk can be another woman’s comedy gold.

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  • SpunkyBunks

    I have a sense of humor, but this crap comes off as really condescending. Why not make it even more funny and say it with a lisp?

    It’s bad enough most straight women think we’re silly accessories to be used for their convenience. Allowing them to do this just adds more crap to the fire.

  • Bonerboy

    Dear SpunkyBunks. Blah blah blah blah blah

  • SpunkyBunks

    @Bonerboy: Well Bonerboy, why is it ok for these gals to laugh and make fun of gays but everybody else should be banned when they do the same thing? That’s a double standard that undermines the gay fight for equality. But I’m sure you’re too dumb to understand that.

  • bbg372

    @SpunkyBunks: I do not find mocking gay male sexuality to be particularly funny either. The men who sent the messages in question did so in confidence; they did not post them in a public forum,they sent them privately. And the messages, while explicit, are entirely appropriate in the forum in which they were sent. This reeks of shaming gay male sexuality. If men read explicit messages that women sent on Tinder and similar applications, there would be outrage.

  • DistingueTraces

    I’m grateful that Spunky and bbg have rushed to the defense of “gay men” and “gay male sexuality” — but acting a fool on Grindr doesn’t define my sexuality as a gay man. It doesn’t even play a part, thank God.

    When speaking about “gay men” in general, what’s offensive is to make assumptions about who gay men are — something that none of the women in that video did.

  • hex0

    Who care what theses women think? What people write on grindr has nothing to do with them, really sick of women controlling what gay men do.

  • bbg372

    @DistingueTraces: I am not on Grindr either. However, it does not change that these women deliberately accessed a gay male space with the sole intention of mining things they could mock. For this to even occur to them as something to do, they already had to make plenty assumptions about who gay men are.

  • DistingueTraces

    @hex0: “really sick of women controlling what gay men do”?

    What a strange thing to say. I’m puzzled as to how you imagine they are able to do this.

    Never mind, don’t answer — I’m afraid we’re headed to a dark place.

    More jokes!

  • jwrappaport

    I don’t think this is cute, charming, or funny at all. It’s one thing to share a laugh with a friend over a strange Grindr message you received – who among us hasn’t? But to publicly humiliate people and poke fun at their sexual peccadillos and quirks is frankly pretty sick. This reminds me of the website JuicyCampus or Queerty’s periodic list of odd Craigslist personal ads. It’s nothing more than belittling other people who are different so that the rest of us rather more vanilla folk can feel better. Put another way, it’s yucking someone else’s yum in a very public way, and it’s deeply unkind.

    Loathe as I am to romanticize Grindr, it is a legitimately unique space for men to sexually realize themselves. It’s tawdry, dirty, and despite the disclaimers, I am unconvinced that the majority of guys on it share my definition of “networking.” Nevertheless, to make a fake profile for the sole reason of eliciting intimate messages from unsuspecting strangers and then lampooning them for the world to see is just cruel.

    I’d also add that I think it’s even worse that women are doing this. Can you imagine the hue and cry if the sexes were reversed?

  • DistingueTraces

    @bbg372: The actresses were obviously speaking to the guy whose profile the messages had been sent to, who was also the one filming them.

    A useful reminder that no online space or communication is really private at all — not necessarily because of snooping but because the one we’ve sent our message to becomes its owner and is perfectly free to spread it all over town.

  • hex0


    Well I’m glad you don’t give a shit about people mocking gay men. What gay men do is neither straight men nor women’s business, do you suggest that gay men assimilate fully to emulate straights? This is just entitled women mocking gays under the guise of “humour”.

    The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life!

  • DistingueTraces

    I am also glad that I don’t give a shit about people mocking me.

  • jwrappaport

    @DistingueTraces: Of course you’re free to lie, cheat, and gossip all you want – that doesn’t make it right or moral.

  • jwrappaport

    @DistingueTraces: Ah, you’re one of those “sticks and stones” people who claims to be impervious to mockery and hurt. I don’t buy it. Unless you’re a sociopath, you’re probably like most ordinary people: regardless of how thick your skin is, it doesn’t feel good to be laughed at and made fun of, least of all with respect to your sex life.

  • Sebizzar

    Wow… I’m an overly sensitive person, but there is nothing to be offended about here. It’s funny and harmless, they are not reading it in a homophobic manner. Most of these women are probably lesbian which makes it even better. Like how can you guys take this so seriously? I bet it’s cause you’ve used one of those phrases and got turned down :P

  • Sebizzar

    @jwrappaport: So it’s okay for you and your friend to laugh at (clearly) funny texts, but how dare these women do it?

    You’re making it sound as if they displayed the faces of the users. It’s simply funny because you don’t hear women say things like this (or even some gays) and to hear it read aloud in their voice and get their reactions is priceless. That’s all. It’s like when autocorrect turns your text into something humorous, people laugh at it and post it online. That doesn’t mean they are asking everyone to go shame whoever did it. I can’t believe I have to even explain this.

  • DarkZephyr

    Well I found it hilarious.

  • corvaspikenard

    I had to Google ‘pig’ in a gay context. Wow. Learn something every day!
    Also, such sensitive sorts in this thread; yet they don’t give a damn when they dish it out to others…

  • DistingueTraces

    By chance my roommate just forwarded me a link to a Tumblr called “Tigers on Tinder” which I really did think was pointlessly mean – – it showed the faces of the subjects and held them up for individual ridicule.

    Of course this sort of thing can be taken too far, and of course CCG can’t you take a joke CCG is no excuse for crude insult.

  • jwrappaport

    @Sebizzar: I can’t believe I even have to explain why a private laugh is completely different from public sex shaming.

  • Sebizzar

    @jwrappaport: Looks like you missed the part about, well, everything I stated.

  • Paco

    It was funny, but the first video was better. I’ve never had guys say things like that to me, but if they did… I would be laughing hysterically for sure.

    Why are some upset about this video? No one was outed for public shaming.

  • Merv

    It didn’t bother me. I don’t take offense unless it’s mean-spirited, which this wasn’t.

  • Lvng1tor

    It is kind of weird to go on one of these sites to bait guys to say something just to insult or honestly make gay men seem like pervs…then again the guys did send pervy messages. It’s just kind of weird and stupid in the end. Im glad they had the decency to not post the guys names and faces. I can’t stand the ones where women or men go online to snap chat or other apps/sites just to bait guys then post their names and faces but never their own or what they said to the guys. It’s gross and tacky. The lesson is that if you don’t want it published don’t say or do it in writing. Personally I think it should be illegal to post from these sites into a public forum.

  • Mezaien

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.
    Have a good look at the fat mustached woman! they most be Christian, a and Republican.

  • Aaron

    HILARIOUS! It’s a good thing I don’t suffer from crippling low self-esteem otherwise I would have been offended by this.

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