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  • university_dude

    Supply and Demand.

  • ChristopherM

    Well why should she? I’m sure that is a damn expensive show to produce, and the demand is there for the tickets. She’d be stupid to lower her ticket prices so that some bitchy bitter bloggers would stop whining in their pajamas about her.

  • Zase

    Every single one of her shows sell out, and from what I’ve seen of the show it looks rather expensive. She doesn’t need to lower prices.

  • Kev C

    Mexican drug wars have increased the price of cocaine. And Gaga needs lots of coke to write terrible songs for her little monsters.

  • ILoveDudes

    LOL, Kev C. But I don’t hate Lady Gaga. I do think, though, that her songs are just ABBA or Ace of Base ripoffs with a lot of piddazzle and videos added to disguise that. But, whatever, I don’t blame her for trying to make her bank account as big as possible before the gimmick wears off.

  • SKOC211

    She had the fourth highest selling tour of the year (out selling the Black Eyed Peas, The Eagles, Metallica, Dave Matthews Band, and Paul McCartney, among others) and the highest selling album of 2010. She doesn’t need to lower her ticket prices.

  • jackieohboy

    Gaga is an awesome performer and worth seeing live.

    The last two arena shows I saw were Gaga and Brittney. Brittney puts on a better “show” her sets, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, midgets, fire dancers, ninjas…ect were really unlike anything I have ever seen. But Lady Gaga actually PERFORMS live, she really sings and dances and plays piano and gives it her all. I’d much rather give my money to that than to somebody like Brittney who basically wandered around the stage and lip synced while tons of cool stuff happened around her.

  • Tallskin

    I know quite sober and sensible young gay men over here in the UK (and in France) who are quite simply fanatical about her.

    Whilst musically she is, for my tastes, rather boring and derivative – (but it has to be said I am older and have watched as musical trends have come and gone over the decades)

    Maybe she is the new age and I am too old to appreciate her.

    I do have to admire the sheer determination she has shown at manipulating the showbiz machine.

    And my overall feelings towards her tend towards the warm because of her public statements about gay equality.

  • ILoveDudes

    But, Tallskin, “sober and sensible” doesn’t always equate to intelligent and/or having good taste.

  • Kev C

    My opinion of Gaga’s music is the same as Sol Roth’s (Edward G. Robinson) opinion of soylent green:
    “Tasteless, odorless crud”

  • ILoveDudes

    (great reference, Kev C.)

  • AML Exam

    Next to Beyonce and Alicia, I believe Gaga is a real genius and worth of the ticket price.

  • Dollie

    @Kev C: Haha, Kev C! I like you!

    I’m not a Gaga fan, but I did see her when she came to Denver last summer. I nearly died of laugher when she went on this self righteous tangent/speech thing about “when you come to my shows- you’re beautiful and everything is perfect whether you’re black or white, gay or straight, rich or poor… Blah blah blah.” It was fairly evident to me that socioeconomic status totally mattered, as her merch was the most expensive I had ever seen (been to 200+ concerts) and I had purchased the cheapest ticket possible- at a mere $85.

    All that said, I guess it will continue to matter in 2011. Go Gaga! Who cares about working class fans being able to scream at your feet in person? You’ve got Grace Jones outfits to knock off at Haus of Gaga, and apparently that ain’t cheap!

  • Spike

    April 2009 Lady Gaga performed at the White Party Palm Springs for the price of a ticket to the party. So what if two years later she can sell out concerts world wide at top dollar? More power to Gaga!

  • Franky

    I like her. Nowhere near enough to see her live but I do feel like it might be worth it… If someone else gave me the ticket lol. I’ve seen videos of her singing live (pre and post Gaga), she has an amazing voice. My issue is the fact that pretty much all of her songs are just meant to be catchy, poppy, and meaningless. They get on my nerves far too quickly.

  • Jake

    I’ve seen her twice, great show but a 50 something Madonna still own GaGa and every other female artist out there. GaGa was great, Madonna’s Confessions was the greatest concert I’ve ever seen

  • kevinvancouver

    goo goo for Gaga… not so much… she loves her little monsters so much.. the social misfits the disenfranchised those have been wronged by this huge self indulgent,entitled society that we all belong to… if you’re really that interested then cut em a break instead of making all your money off your little monsters back… that is all

  • Kev

    Lady Gaga supports GetEQUAL – you should too! Donate today!

  • Daez

    @SKOC211: What is your source for the highest selling album of all 2010 since Billboard 200 has put Taylor Swift top for this week yet again, and she has pretty much reigned all genres this year. No doubt about it that Lady Gaga is the top pop musician, but I still would never pay to see her. I wonder what her ticket prices actually are. When I went to see Brad Paisley, those tickets ranged from $59 to $459. I can not imagine her being much higher.

  • Daez

    @Kev: Let this be said, Lady Gaga DOES NOT support gay causes. She supports the bottom line. She loves gay dollars, as much as the next rich bitch, but her failure to boycott Utah during “kissing gate” pretty much proved that she is just in it for the money.

  • SKOC211


    The United World Chart has the combined Fame and Fame Monster as number one, but Billboard has them at numbers 4 and 13, respectively. As The Fame Monster was an EP certain charts combine them. While it was sold as a separate album it was also sold bundled with The Fame so there are different ways for tallying the overall sales.

    And for the record, your contention that Gaga doesn’t support gay causes is absolutely full of crap. She obviously doesn’t need the “gay dollars” to be one of the biggest stars on the planet. Her unending dedication to the LGBT community has been unmatched by anyone of her status in 2010. It’s an odd way to assess her commitment to say that just because she didn’t boycott Utah she’s only about the money because she’s never played there (and won’t until March) and furthermore “kissing gate” was about the Mormon Church and I doubt a boycott from any pop star would do anything to change their ways.

  • Thom

    She won’t be getting a penny from me.
    I will not be contributing to her gawd awful outfits.

    Talent does not need a ‘meat dress’ to get attention.

  • Lee Goldschmidt

    @Thom: You’re right, talent does not need a meat dress to get attention. This is why Gaga was #1 before said dress.

  • Bee

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