Lana Wachowski Made “Cloud Atlas” To Combat Transphobia, Homophobia

Like Sonmi, there are people who will spit on me, want to lynch me, want to crucify me…I am interested in engaging with the world, hopefully in a way that makes some people not as afraid of people like me or view people like me as these others who aren’t as human as them or different than them…People are freaked out by GLBT people. They’re angry about my gender or my life or the way I inhabit the world the same way that Hugo [Weaving] as Mephi feels that Sonmi is a threat to his natural order in the world.  So it’s a weighty choice to do this, but I think… I hope it’s worth it.”

Transgendered filmmaker Lana Wachowski talking to The Wrap about her motivation behind her latest film with brother, Andy, Cloud Atlas.