Lana Wachowski Made “Cloud Atlas” To Combat Transphobia, Homophobia

Like Sonmi, there are people who will spit on me, want to lynch me, want to crucify me…I am interested in engaging with the world, hopefully in a way that makes some people not as afraid of people like me or view people like me as these others who aren’t as human as them or different than them…People are freaked out by GLBT people. They’re angry about my gender or my life or the way I inhabit the world the same way that Hugo [Weaving] as Mephi feels that Sonmi is a threat to his natural order in the world.  So it’s a weighty choice to do this, but I think… I hope it’s worth it.”

Transgendered filmmaker Lana Wachowski talking to The Wrap about her motivation behind her latest film with brother, Andy, Cloud Atlas.

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  • Rockindad

    Larry’s transition into Lana has been a huge pink elephant in room for “the industry” in Hollywood, especially since it began during the completion of the Wachowski’s MATRIX trilogy. It’s great to actually hear from Lana on the subject.

  • boring

    Headline should read “Lana Wachowski Made Cloud Atlas To combat storytelling, pacing.”


    (actually, I really liked it)

  • stadacona

    Biggest independent financed film flop in history – could lose $100 million for its backers from what I’m reading.

  • boring

    Money isn’t the sole deciding factor of success, especially in artistic endeavors.

  • Red Meat

    @stadacona: Cloud Atlas was not made to be a blockbuster.

  • ginasf

    I saw Cloud Atlas the other night and mostly liked it (the last story with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry I could have done without). It’s an extremely well made and sometimes powerful film and, even if not the most subtle of messages, is very far from being a failure. I think it’s very likely to become a true cult classic which is going to be way better remembered than more financially successful contemporary films. But, really, I think Lana being out there as a a woman, a role model for young trans people and all girls, and a director, will have as much or more positive impact than the film.

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