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Lara Trump opens her mouth and we’re all a little dumber now

For reasons that defy all Earthly logic, Lara Trump is paid to provide commentary on the news of the day.

The former tabloid TV producer and wife of Eric Trump parlayed her famous last name into a Fox News contributor gig, and every time she speaks the nation loses an IQ point or two.

Trump’s latest bit of expert analysis comes in the wake of the horrible church shooting in Southern California on Sunday that left at least one dead and five injured.

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Never mind the fact that it wasn’t even the biggest mass shooting over the weekend, or that the racist attack that took ten lives in Buffalo, New York has direct ties to extreme-right ideology.

When asked to comment on the church shooting, Trump somehow made the whole thing about overzealous pro-choice activists.

“We’re in a really tough time in America right now,” Trump said. “You know, tempers are really hot, people right now with this Roe v. Wade situation we’ve seen a lot of demonstrations around the country. You just had this situation where a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a pro-life center, I believe in Wisconsin, and so, you know, your mind immediately goes to that.”