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The largest sex toy heist in history just happened in Berlin and nobody’s talking about it

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of sex toys were stolen last Monday in Berlin in what is believed to be the largest heist of its kind in history.

The grand theft took place shortly after the conclusion of the Venus-Berlin exhibition, an annual erotic and lifestyle trade fair.

Fun Toys London had rented a booth at the fair to showcase their products. A representative for the company says the team went out to celebrate a “successful end” to the exhibition. When they returned to their booth, all of their products had vanished.

The estimated value of the missing merchandise: $60,000.

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In a statement posted to Facebook, Fun Toys London says:

It turned out that ALL the FT products worth over 50.000 euros had been stolen! Only the brochures, bags and two boxes with testers were left. Also, our award Erotix Awards 2017 was on the scene which is consoling. When our representative was away for 5 minutes to meet the police at the entrance, another four boxes were stolen! This is the largest recorded theft of sex toys in history. What is amusing is that not a single tester went missing during the days of the exhibition!

The company also says representatives of the Venus-Berlin exhibition have made no effort to help locate the missing sex toys. 

“The only thing we managed to receive from the organizers on the next day is the contacts of the contractor who set up the stand,” the company says.

A police report was filed and Fun Toys London says it hopes the culprits are found sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, they’re asking people to be on the lookout for any of their products being sold by “unauthorized sellers.”

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