Larry The Cable Guy Thinks Everyone Should Mind Their Own Business When It Comes To Gay Marriage

larrythecableguyWith Paula Deen and George Zimmerman in the news so often lately, the American South is not exactly looking like a bastion of tolerance and acceptance. Luckily, and unexpectedly, Larry The Cable Guy has spoken his mind on an issue in a way that might (read: probably won’t) change our minds about the lower half of our country.

“It ain’t affecting my life,” the corpulent comedian said correctly about the gay community in a candid interview with Larry King.  While the ribaldrous redneck continued on about how this is an extension of his libertarian politics (yikes!), it’s hard to be angry with him when he so succinctly summarizes a fairly reasonable position on a complex issue.

“Why can’t people mind their own business, you know what I mean?” The Cable Guy asked. “We live in America, lighten up!”

While it is hard to glean what his confederate compatriots that accompany him on the Blue Collar Comedy tour think about the issue, we can only hope that they have similar opinions. Comedians who certainly don’t agree with this stance would be the virulently homophobic Adam Corolla (who has previously stated that trans people are ruining his life and that the acronym L.G.B.T. should be changed to Y.U.C.K.) and Tracy Morgan (who had said that if his son turns out to be gay, he would kill him; although his homophobic statements were later recanted).

While we might not see Larry the Cable Guy as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race or on tour with LGBTQ+ comedians like Margaret Cho or Tig Notaro any time soon, this is certainly a step in the right direction.