Las Vegas Betting On The Gays

Viva Las Gay-gas.jpgCapitalizing on the (very-successful) “What happens here, stays here” marketing campaign, Las Vegas authorities are planning on reaching out to the gay dollar:

With an estimated $65 billion in annual expenditures, American homosexuals are one of the world’s most sought-after leisure travel submarkets.

…The Convention & Visitors Authority this spring will sponsor three episodes of the Bravo cable network’s popular “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” series.

The show will film in local casinos, and could produce a “making of” documentary that would later air on Logo, a gay and lesbian-themed television network tied with MTV, Jicinsky said.

Advertising on Logo is also planned.

We love Las Vegas, not only for the blackjack tables with free liquor! entertainment options, but also for the plethora of gay showboys you can meet when they go get after-performance drinks. We’re thrilled the city wants us to officially join their party. Although we fear they still may be slightly out of touch with our community, evident by the fact that (a) it’s not so much gay people who watch Queer Eye as it is straight women; and (b) no one really uses the term “American homosexuals” anymore. Give us a call, Vegas, we’d be happy to help bring you up to date.