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Lauren Boebert says Equality Act is supremacy for “gays, lesbians … transvestites”

Rep. Lauren Boebert
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Phott: Public Domain)

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has slammed the Equality Act. Talking on the Steve Bannon’ ‘War Room’ podcast yesterday, Boebert, a fervent guns rights activist and right-wing conservative, took aim at the legislation currently making its way through Congress.

Passed last week in the House of Representatives, the Equality Act will offer federal protections against discrimination for gay, bisexual and trans people. But that’s not how Boebert sees it.

“There is nothing about equality in that act!” Boebert, 34, fumed. “If anything, it’s, the, uh, it’s supremacy of gays, lesbians and” – she then struggles the find the words trans or transgender and instead opts for – “transvestites. This is what this is about, it’s about putting them higher than anyone else!”

Tranvestite and transgender mean different things, with the latter being someone whose gender identity is different to the one they were assigned at birth.

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Boebert went on to say that the Equality Act is not needed as the U.S. Constitution offers equality. She goes on to quote the 14th amendment.

“If you look at the Constitution, that is where equality is kept secure and held sacred. We have the 14th amendment that says that all men are equal under the law. So we need to hold that supreme rather than woke ideology.”

The Constitution’s 14th Amendment was not enough to secure equal rights for women or for Black Americans, which is why the U.S. passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Equality Act seeks to amend that act to extend protections to LGBTQ people.

This is not the first time Boebert has blasted the Equality Act. Last week, when it was being debated on the House floor, Boebert made her opposition clear, using anti-trans tropes that portray trans women and girls as predators.

“Where is the equality in this legislation for the young girls across America who will have to look behind their backs as they change in their school locker rooms just to make sure there isn’t a confused man trying to catch a peek,” she told the House.

The Equality Act passed the House on a vote of 224-206 but faces a tougher challenge getting through the Senate.

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Elected in 2020, since taking office in January, Boebert, like her fellow freshman colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), has emerged as one of the more rightwing, Republican lawmakers. Earlier this week she was criticized for appearing to suggest she didn’t know who was now in charge at the “Biden White House.”

Many commentators informed her the clue was in the phrase ‘Biden White House’.

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