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Lawmaker makes powerful point about Jesus’ attitude toward gay people

U.S. Congressman Ted W. Lieu
U.S. Congressman Ted W. Lieu (Photo: Public Domain)

Democratic congressman Ted Lieu used silence to make a powerful point yesterday about Jesus Christ’s attitude toward homosexuality.

The Representative for California’s 33rd District was giving a speech about the wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation being championed by many of his Republican colleagues.

For the benefit of those lawmakers, Lieu said, “I just thought I would now recite what Jesus Christ said about homosexuality.”

He then stood in silence for the remaining 15 seconds of his allotted one-minute slot.

Watch below.

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Lieu is a practicing Catholic. Despite the separation of church and state that is supposed to exist within politics, many lawmakers use the Bible to explain or defend their political actions.

Lieu’s silence was a timely reminder of how Jesus never once commented upon, let alone denounced, gay people.

A video clip of the speech has gone viral on Twitter, picking up over 55k likes and prompting thousands of comments. Many come from Christians who have rushed to other sections of the Bible to defend their anti-gay stance. Others say any perceived Biblical reference to homosexuality should be irrelevant, whether for or against, as we don’t base our laws on the Bible.

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