Lee Daniels: Matt McConaughey Is Butt Naked In A Room Of Black Men In “The Paperboy”

I gotta tell you, I’m so proud of what he did and where he went for me, because he’s so not that guy. When he is looking up to those black men, those mandingoes, and he’s butt naked and salivating for more, it touched me. Everything I put into this movie, I know. In the eighties, I would date these white guys, and I dated a guy who killed himself. He was from the South, and he was dealing with his parents, who’d rejected him, and he was racist. He was taught to be racist, and he crossed that line by going to a place with me, and he hated himself for it.”

Lee Daniels, director of The Paperboy, revealing a queer aspect of Matthew McConaughey’s character to New York Magazine.

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  • Cam

    And let me guess…all the other actors with him in the scene complained he reeked of B.O. and old weed.

  • Aidan8

    Zac’s looking pretty yummy there…. :)

  • Ron Jackson

    Please Zac come on OUT! Do something for your people.

  • niles

    what a bizarre thing to say about an actor.

  • BrokebackBob

    How can Lee say “in the 80’s I would date these white guys” and at least cop to
    being bisexual if not full-on gay? I’m bamboozled, anybody else?


    Matt: HANG IT UP!…can’t act, was pretty for a while but now he’s friggin’ annoying…I saw that stripper’s worth seeing for the guys and that’s it but Matt was so out of place, it’s pathetic..they could have gotten a younger name to run the club…he also produced that movie along with Channing and there are more producers but it made allot of moola

  • jgoldfarb

    Lee, if you’re reading this, you still owe me $1800 from when we dated in 1992. Get in touch.

  • ncman

    The phrase is “buck naked”, not “butt naked”.

  • Mr-DJ

    @ncman: THANK YOU ncman! I logged in to say that exact same thing. One of my pet peeves = people who use quotes/sayings/phrases incorrectly. It is truly “Buck Naked” as it comes from the orignal, longer phrase “Naked As A Buck”.

  • SoloZach

    I watched the film last night at the NYFF and the Mcconaughey scenes are pretty intense. Brutal bondage. It’s not something one might expect to see Mcconaughey being down with. The film is superb, however and I recommend you all take a gander.

    And there is PLENTY of eye-candy for the Zac Efron fans in the room.

  • J.T.

    Zac’s looking tasty, but Matt looks like shit.

  • princessjohnsonxiv

    @BrokebackBob: brokeback bob, you have lee daniels confused with tyler perry.
    thanks for showing us how your mind works. :)

  • princessjohnsonxiv

    @Mr-DJ: daniels is using country english. some people choose to say “butt naked”. it is more descriptive for them and it sounds country and cute.

  • princessjohnsonxiv

    @princessjohnsonxiv: i lost interest in following queerty during obama’s first campaign. it doesn’t look as if it has changed much around here.

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