Lee Daniels: Matt McConaughey Is Butt Naked In A Room Of Black Men In “The Paperboy”

I gotta tell you, I’m so proud of what he did and where he went for me, because he’s so not that guy. When he is looking up to those black men, those mandingoes, and he’s butt naked and salivating for more, it touched me. Everything I put into this movie, I know. In the eighties, I would date these white guys, and I dated a guy who killed himself. He was from the South, and he was dealing with his parents, who’d rejected him, and he was racist. He was taught to be racist, and he crossed that line by going to a place with me, and he hated himself for it.”

Lee Daniels, director of The Paperboy, revealing a queer aspect of Matthew McConaughey’s character to New York Magazine.