Lesbian Marries Lesbians, Pisses Off Church

Jane Spahr

Jane Spahr, a lesbian Presbyterian minister has confessed to marrying a couple of dykes two years ago. She’s now going up against the Church’s governing body, the Presbytery of the Redwoods . Is she being tried in Middle Earth?

Spahr tells why she did it:

As the first witness in her trial before a church judicial commission, Spahr testified that while she knew the Presbyterian Church (USA) reserves marriage for a man and a woman, she purposely used the language the couples wanted when she presided over the nuptials.

“I don’t care what your sexual orientation is, what’s most important to me is what you call it,” she said. “They said ‘marriage’ and I was honored to do their ‘marriage,’ so they would not be seen as second-class in any way.”

Kudos to Spahr, if we had more brave religious leaders like her (straight, gay, whatever), we may not have to deal with some of the discrimination found in most religions. Not that we go to church regularly, but it would be nice for those homos that do to actually be exposed to the one thing most religions seem to preach but not practice: tolerance.

Minister Admits Presiding at Lesbian Unions [AP via Yahoo]