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Lesbian Photog Alix Smith Is Trying to Get Pepsi to Give Her $250k. Wanna Help?

From those gay non-profits scoring money from Chase Bank to all those gay couples looking for a $100,000 dream wedding courtesy Crate & Barrel, you’d think we all want corporate America to give us hand outs. (Kidding!) But because big brands have to engender positive affection for their brands, ’cause we’re all obsessed with going green and do-gooding now, you’ll find more and more wading into charitable giving projects that combine social networking elements. And that’s just what PepsiCo is doing with its Refresh Everything, where a lesbian photographer is gunning for a $250,000 prize.

Remember when Pepsi made a big splash by foregoing any ad spending during the Super Bowl? That’s because it was focusing on this Refresh Everything project, where lay persons are invited to submit their good idea and get web visitors to vote for them so they can win cash.

Among the good ideas: Help Kids Sew, Spin, & Quilt at the White Bluffs Quilt Museum, Build a shelter/for animals in need marion s.c., and Take my inner city students to an educational, 3-day science camp!.

And then there’s Alix Smith, who at least a half dozen people have emailed us about, showing somebody‘s been working a personal publicity campaign. The photographer from New York is currently ranked 63rd with Encourage positive identity formation in gay & lesbian youth. The project is called “States of Union,” where Smith is running around America taking pictures of gay couples.

Like these folks:

If she wins the money, she’ll pay for new equipment, office space, photo production, and a community blog, as well as the cost of taking the exhibit on the road.

Sounds like a good cause to us! So we’re gonna throw our vote behind Alix.

And if you find any other great LGBT ideas in Pepsi’s corridors worth supporting, link them below.