“Let My People Go,” “Men Next Door” Screen At Ft. Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

The weather may be cooling down but things are heating up at the Ft. Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, returning for its fourth year the weekend of October 4. The fest is offering some of this year’s hottest gay flicks—including Gayby, Cloudburst, Keep the Lights On, and BearCity—as well as several lesser-known but still must-see movies.

The fast-paced comedy The Men Next Door focuses on 40-year-old Doug (Eric Dean) who finds himself falling for two very different men: well-adjusted 5o-year-old Jacob (Michael Nicklin, far right) and cute but flighty 30-year-old Colton (Benjamin Lutz, right). Add into the mix that Jacob and Colton are actually father and son and you have the recipe for a head-spinning original rom-com! Helmed by Make the Yuletide Gay director Rob Williams, The Men Next Door screens October 5.

The harrowing documentary Taboo…Yardies (trailer above) delves into homophobia in Jamaica and the West Indies with interviews from prominent figures like former Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding, who has publicly denounced homosexuality. Taboo…Yardies will show on October 6.

A Perfect Ending is an intense drama about a seemingly perfect middle-aged housewife (Rebecca Westridge) who starts an affair with a much younger prostitute (Jessica Clark). Co-starring John Heard and Morgan Fairchild, A Perfect Ending is directed by Nicole Conn and screens on October 6.

The quirky comedy Let My People Go! is about Ruben (Nicholas Maury, right),a French-Jewish mailman who lives a pleasantly dull life with his lover in Finland. But when he discovers an envelope full of cash, Ruben decides to flee his meaningless existence—and his boyfriend—and head home to Paris and his mother (Pedro Almodovar regular Carmen Maura) to celebrate Passover. Let My People Go! shows on October 7.

Also on October 7 will be the mens’ short series, “What Men Want,” featuring The One That Got Away, Strangers, I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone, the horror quickie The Night Shift  and Australian musical romp Cupcake.


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