Little blue riding hood

Let’s talk about the insane portrait of Kellyanne Conway in her living room

Kellyanne Conway certainly lives life on the dark side of the crystal, but is she full-on Goth?

A portrait proudly displayed in her living room suggests the answer’s Yes.

Snapped by Anne-Marie Caruso, a candid photograph of Conway tending to her children is making the rounds on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

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Mostly, people are focusing on the portrait of Conway proudly displayed in her living room.

And they’re wondering what in holy hell possessed her to wear what looks like a sumptuous crushed-velvet cloak.

Perhaps it was taken at the annual Renaissance Fair.

The string of pearls is a classy touch.

As is the baleful expression, which wouldn’t be out of place on a Harlequin Romance novel.

She’s a mystery best left unsolved.

h/t: New York