Lily Allen Loves To Sing Peer’s Praises

What perfect timing! John Polly over at the Logo-backed (and, really, what isn’t?) just sent us the link to his interview with Lily Allen, the British popster we referenced in that last post and one of the top ten girls we’d bone. (We bet she’s a really tiger in bed.)

Polly doesn’t go quite so far. What a gentleman. Like a good homo-journo, he asks a few gay-themed questions. Allen rebukes a lesbian fantasy question, but does address homo-popster Mika. Well sort of:

JP: A new artist who gay audiences here are freaking out about is Mika. Are you familiar with him?

LA: Um, wait one second… [Lily talks to someone in the background for a minute. I hear, “Have they got cream cheese? Yeah, I’ll have that… Cinnamon.” The she laughs, and comes back.] Sorry, we’re getting a bagel order here. So what was the question?

JP: Mika is getting popular here, and I know he’s massive in the U.K. right now. Do you have an opinion about him?

LA: I haven’t heard much of his stuff. I’ve only heard the one song that’s on the radio in the U.K., which is called “Grace Kelly.” I like that; I think it’s all right.