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Lloyd Schofield Wants San Francisco To Ban All Male Circumcision. HIV Heckler? Or Human Rights Hero?

Lloyd Schofield, a San Francisco retiree, say he’s trying to get enough signatures (some 7,000) to place on the November ballot a measure that would ban male circumcision in the city. Calling himself an “intactivist,” Schofield wants to protect baby boys “just as females are protected from having a drop of blood drawn from their genitals.” But what about all those African studies claiming circumcision has health benefits like halving the risk of transmitting HIV and other STDs? Well, there are studies that say men in the Western world won’t benefit, because so many men are already circumcised that the introduction of the surgery won’t have such a tidal influence. But hey, here’s another argument that says Schofield needs to shut up and go away. His bill, which would slap up to a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail on anyone who performs a circumcision on a man younger than 18.