Highlight Abortion, Guns, But No Gays

Log Cabinites Go After Romney

The Log Cabin Republicans aren’t having any of Mitt Romney’s shifty bullshit.

The gay conservatives released this video highlighting some of Romney’s more “left” positions, including supporting Roe v Wade. One thing the commercial does not mention, however, is Romney’s ever-shifting, not quite coherent gay stance. Via the AP:

Though placed by a gay rights advocacy group, the ad is silent on Romney’s views of homosexuality. Lately Romney has been running a radio ad casting himself as the only major GOP candidate backing a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. His critics have argued that his views were not as definitive when he was Massachusetts governor.

“The bottom line is this is much more than about gay rights,” Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon said in an interview. “He has been all over the map on every single issue. He quite frankly hasn’t credibly explained his shifting positions.”

We’re totally fine with the Cabinites neglecting Romney’s gay positions. Highlighting his pro-choice and anti-gun past will resonate with red state voters more than his fagala flip-flops.