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Lonely Valentine: Comic Michael Henry wonders why he can’t find a boyfriend

Michael Henry and Meatball
(Photo: YouTube)

It can be tough being single on Valentine’s Day. It can be particularly tough being single for Valentine’s during a pandemic!

That’s the subject of the latest video from YouTube comic, Michael Henry, which besides being humorous, finds Henry in a more reflective mood and revealing he’s “Never had a Valentine.” and “Never had a boyfriend. Never been in love.”

Although a friend (played by the drag queen, Meatball) reassures him Valentine’s Day is just a “silly holiday”, Henry wonders why some people seem to find it so easy to fall in love, while others do not.

After further probing from the friend, it seems Henry’s experiences with “love” have all involved “games, chasing, rejection, and feeling crushed,” … something which, well, many others might be able to relate to.

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Indeed, the commentators on YouTube appreciate Henry’s honesty.

“I’ll be 33 this year and have never had a boyfriend. It gets lonely,” says one.

“My Valentine is my little doggie and we usually cry together and go to bed early,” offered another.

“Yes it is true. I’ve never had a boyfriend,” Henry confirmed to Queerty. “Never been in love. I’ve liked guys. Loved guys. Had feeling for guys. That did not have those same feelings for me.”

Would he have any advice for others in the same boat this weekend?

“I guess the advice I have for someone like me that hasn’t had a boyfriend before either is to not be too hard on yourself this Valentine’s Day. Finding a boyfriend/love is hard. Someone will come into your life when the universe knows that’s you’re ready for it. As much as I want it, I honestly don’t know if I could have handled having a boyfriend/love before today. At least that’s what I tell myself,” he laughs.

“Also, tell people to slide into my DMs if they wanna be my Valentine!”

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