Looking Back: Top Ten Inspiring Stories Of 2014

Pouring over a year’s worth of stories, there’s plenty to get discouraged over. Homophobia, discrimination and persecution remain steady themes in LGBT media. But there’s also so much to feel good about!

These are the stories we love to share, about people we’re overwhelmingly proud to call our brothers, sisters, friends or allies.

And 2014 was a great year for people doing incredible things.

Here are our top ten picks: 


Students Drown Out Antigay Hate Preacher With Inspiring Love Ballad

A preacher visited campus to condemn sinful acts like homosexuality, drinking and listening to ungodly music — you know, college. It’s how students reacted that really got us.


Nine-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter To Her Gay Teacher, Totally Nails It

File this under d’awww: A 9-year-old girl handwrote her teacher this letter after he came out during a class lesson on homophobia, and it’s safe to say she aced this one.


This Kid’s Rap About Transgender Acceptance Is Just Plain Perfect

Alex can’t be more than eight years old, but he seems armed with all the confidence in the world as he raps his story of coming out as transgender.


Viral Sensation Brendan Jordan Gives Queen Latifah Club Kid Flashbacks. “This Is Life!”

This queen has Drag Race season 18 written all over her.


Meet The Most Influential Transgender Teenager Of 2014

In a landmark year for transgender visibility in the media, Jazz Jennings stands out for how much she’s already accomplished.


High School Jock Comes Out By Slow Dancing With The Homecoming King

This just screams feel-good tearjerker, and even comes complete with a Taylor Swift soundtrack. How very now.


Gay Couple Ties The Knot After An Awe-Inspiring 72 Years Together

Vivian Boyack and Alice “Nonie” Dubes shared their first kiss in Yule, Iowa. The year was 1942.


Dad Accidentally Discovers His Teenage Son Is Gay And Handles It Like A Real Man

Luckily, there are dads like this one out there in the world.


An Ex-Gay Therapist Was No Match For This Amazing Harvard Law School Student

We love when logic prevails, and we love it even more when someone as adorable is this makes it happen.

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WATCH: This Amazing 92-Year-Old Transgender Vet Is Fighting To Be Recognized As The Widow Of Her Late Husband

Asti now wants to win her case, not just for the money owed her, but for “the act of humanity which is necessary here.”