Lopez Vs. Beckham: Which Celebrity Underwear Designer Has The Biggest Bulge?

As Star 94.1 just reminded us, both Mario Lopez and David Beckham have their own lines of underwear coming out. (Beckham’s available exclusively at H&M, will even get its own commercial this weekend during the Super Bowl.)

The radio station’s website takes an interesting side-by-side look at the two celebrity hunks, examining which has the superior package, rump, serious-minded scowl and other essential aspects to selling men’s undergarments. But we think they missed some important categories:

*Celebrity wife: Victoria could eat Lopez’s actress ex, Ali Landry, for a snack—if, y’know, she actually ate.

*Sports movies: Beckham was cited in the teen soccer flick Bend it Like Beckham. Lopez starred in the Greg Louganis bio-pic Breaking the Surface.

*Ungentlemanly behavior: Beckham amassed 41 yellow cards and four red cards while playing for Real Madrid. Lopez allegedly made his A Chorus Line co-star Nick Adams wear a sweatjacket on stage so his biceps wouldn’t upstage him.

*Kids: Lopez is working on a kid’s book Mario and Baby Gia, named after his two-year old daughter.  Beckham named his son Brooklyn after the city he was conceived in. Classy.

So, which Adonis would you rather buy underwear from? Personally, we hate seeing either of them in their briefs. Take that shit off!