‘Love Island’ star reminds viewers about the importance of bathing by showering in front of his bros

Ben Richardson, a 22-year-old Filipino man with big muscles, stands shirtless in front of a mirror taking a selfie on his gray photo while flexing. He stands outside surrounded by greenery and a pole with string lights hanging from it. He wears a diamond shaped gold earring.

It was the shot shower heard ’round the world.

On a recent episode of Love Island Australia, viewers were blessed with a bros-watching-bros moment when Ben Richardson stripped down and rinsed off in front of fellow contestants Trent Woolman and Zac Nunns.

The 22-year-old Australia-born content creator is of Filipino descent and has been single since high school, though he’s hoping to make the girls swoon in the Villa during the show’s fifth season. Check!

Unfortunately, we’ve got to keep this article PG-13, so we can’t show you his muscled backside outright.

However, these pics of Richardson and his boys from Instagram are likely enough to get your imagination going. (Or you can watch the scene for yourself here.)

Considering the world has learned waaaaaay too much about celebrities’ bathing habits in recent years, we’re happy to see this stud has not forgotten about the soap. And that his buds were equally intrigued.

As a quick refresher, stars like Jake Gyllenhaal (who finds “bathing to be less necessary, at times”) and Brad Pitt (who typically opts for “a couple quick [baby wipes] under the pits”) shocked the internet with their less-than-enthusiastic shower rituals.

Still, judging by the rise in vocal pro-deodorant advocates on social media, it seems like the LGBTQ+ community might be just as guilty.

Fetish party nights aside, the number of stinky gay complaints at run-of-the-mill dive bars and Lady Gaga dance parties has us concerned.

OK, OK, so aluminum in deodorant can be bad for you. And everyone loves a little man musk. But according to Medical News Today, personal hygiene does, in fact, provide health benefits. 👏👏👏

In addition to keeping you smelling fresh, bathing can help immune function, improve concentration and blood flow, reduce swelling, and even decrease fatigue.

Furthermore, it’s not enough to merely step into the shower and lip sync to Liza Minnelli’s greatest hits for five minutes.

Yes, scrubbing your face, pits, legs, and nether regions is important.

But many dudes out there are ignoring their dirtiest body parts: behind the ears, between the toes, and inside the belly button. (Grandma was right!)

A recent study by George Washington University confirmed that these parts of the body often have the most bacteria. And when left unwashed, “skin diseases like eczema or acne” can occur. Yikes!

Thankfully, taking care of these hotspots is relatively easy.

As Dr. Laura Purdy told Real Simple, you should wash behind your ears and between your toes every time you shower with your hands or a washcloth.

As for the belly button, a soapy finger and a quick rinse –– no double entendre intended –– every day or two should suffice.

Most importantly, if any of the hotties on Love Island need help catering to their nooks and crannies, we’ll be ready with a loofa and scrub brush.

While you think about the importance of bathing, check out more pics of our new Love Island Australia crush below.

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