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Madonna’s saucy new collab, the Shea Couleé cinematic universe & more: Your weekly bop roundup

Queerty: we have the bops!

August has gotten a saucy kick-off this week: the Up Your Alley Fair made its scantily-clad return, officers were caught stripping it down at Club G-A-Y, and the Bullet Train cast is heating up the silver screen as we speak.

Even saucier are this week’s hottest new music drops, and you know we’re here to serve them up on a platter.

From the material rush to spooning a crush, here’s your weekly bop roundup:

“MATERIAL GWORLLLLLLLL!” by Madonna and Saucy Santana

These material girls have proven that you never have to pit two queens against each other. Fem rapper Saucy Santana joined Madonna at her Finally Enough Love release party last month for a surprise performance of this mash-up. This modern-day hot girl Ebony & Ivory is single-handedly bridging the generational divide, and we’re too here for it. On top of the joint slay of it all, it’s nice to have something to tide us over ’til the full 50-track version of Finally drops in two weeks.

“Beach House” by Carly Rae Jepsen

All possible respect to Lorde, but “Beach House” is a relief to fans who thought that “Western Winds” meant Carly was about to be in her own Solar Power era. This track is equal parts upbeat and cynical, and isn’t that the universal experience of trying to date men? A rushing, beach-bae moment of hype, internally haunted by a constant repetition of “I’m probably gonna hurt your feelings.” She gets it.

“Let Go” by Shea Couleé

Rupaul’s Drag Race all-winners finalist and general Beyoncé of drag Shea Couleé has finally dropped the visual for her challenge winning song “Your Name”, visually intertwined with her newest release, “Let Go”. Her ’80s R&B-laced numbers, tight choreo, and impeccably layered vocals make her new tracks nearly impossible to put down. These iconic drops from the all star have us wondering one thing: “Where’s the album?” Hopefully she has time to tour it for a moment before her upcoming MCU fame makes tickets totally unattainable.

“Hold U Down” by pineappleCITI

All thanks to Issa Rae and Sweet Life LA for putting us onto pineappleCITI, because the vibes are immaculate. This track’s blink-and-you-may-miss-it runtime only makes you want to loop it right back around and soak in the groove.  Congrats in advance to her upcoming success era, and may her abandonment worries in this track find themselves a non-issue while she’s out storming the girls.


The long-needed follow up to Middlespoon’s 2018 gender-bending Housewife moment, “Crush On U” soaks old-school romance scene in current day color. Like always, there’s that little touch of fruity flair running throughout — a La Croix of queerness, even. A “throwback crush pop” track in the vein of Pentatonix’s “Heartthrob” is always a welcome addition to those fun, flirty summer playlists.

Join us back here next week for another weekly bop roundup!

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