Maggie Gallagher Loves To Wallow In Her Defeat. And Blame Others For It.

MaggieGallagherMaggie Gallagher has made a career (and a very nice living) out of trying to block marriage equality at every turn. But even Maggie has to face up to reality. In her latest blog post, Gallagher lovingly dwells on all the defeats her side has endured in the past few months, and then goes on to blame Christian conservatives–present company excepted, of course– of “doing politics stupidly and on the cheap.”

Maggie has already pretty much conceded defeat on marriage equality, but now she’s wallowing in it. She looks at three recent defeats–Brendan Eich being forced out of Mozilla, Prop 8 attorney Charles Cooper hosting his daughter’s same-sex wedding, and the failure of the right-to-discriminate bill in Arizona–and sees the Apocalypse.

“Will we accept living in an America where we have to be afraid to say ‘marriage is the union of husband and wife because children need a mother and a father’?” Gallagher asks. “Or will they have to force us, through raw and ugly power, to live in that America?”

Now, the “they” is never quite defined, and the “raw and ugly” power is what is elsewhere called public opinion. And this is where Gallagher loses contact with reality. If only conservatives would man up and spend vast sums of money (some of which would no doubt slosh onto Maggie), they could reverse this!

“To win a space for us at the American table, we are going to need to invest large amounts of money in new and directly political institution—organizations capable of unelecting those who would shut us out, and those capable of rewarding the courage of those who agree with us,” Gallagher insists. “It cannot be all c3 [501c3, or nonprofit] messaging and pastor organizing from here on out.  We get serious or we get rolled.”

Here’s the problem: no amount of money can create enough voters to reverse the trends. Short of only allowing conservative Christians to vote–and we hate to plant ideas–the demographics are against Gallagher and her ilk. Gallagher can find purists who support her, but she can’t get them elected. As long as there is a sentient alternative over the age of 35, Rick Santorum will never be President.

Of course, Gallagher could never admit that maybe Cooper has the right idea. (In fact, she says, “I do not see how someone faithful to the Biblical or the natural law underlying it, can host a gay wedding.”) All she can do is she despair and rage. 

She does credit her opponents, though, in a kind of backhanded way: “Here’s the truth: Two percent of the American population, worked a cultural revolution.  Hats off to them.”

Thanks. We think.


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  • jazz4108

    I have written letters back and forth to this lady and she is honestly not all there. I feel sorry for her in some ways as she knows shes done but she can never admit defeat. I guess she lives off of conservatives money and talk show appearances. She told me in a letter that I am a sinner in Gods eyes and was going to hell. I asked her when judgement day had happened and she became God. We are all sinners but to condemn someone to hell because of the way God made them if you believe that just shows her true nature. I really hope Mary can find peace in her life but right now she is still blaming others when the truth needs to start with her internally.

  • RomanHans

    Here’s the truth: Two percent of her body weight is chicken.

  • e.c.

    No Mags, “raw and ugly” power is when you and your ilk used lies and scare tactics to convince the people of California to pass Prop 8 and strip me of my right to marry. If you are feeling marginalized now all I can say is paybacks a bitch, huh?

  • Jake357

    I just want to know exactly what damage her personal demons did that made here so relentlessly myopic in her vitriol? Did she discover that boy she have a crush on was on his knees for her father or something? What?

  • Kieran

    Atleast Mrs Srivastav knows when she has been beaten.

  • Mezaien

    Another fat ugly Christian slut where is the Taliban, when you need them?.

  • Ottoman

    she says, “I do not see how someone faithful to the Biblical or the natural law underlying it, can host a gay wedding.”

    Well she has no problem teaching men and not remaining silent as the Bible clearly commands women. Also,

    Proverbs Chapter 23
    20 Be not among winebibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh:
    21 For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe [a man] with rags.

    –maybe the bible was right. Lol

  • Desert Boy

    Maggie “the cow” Gallagher needs to stop blogging and get a real job.


    Oh, so no buying a new hat for her bastard sons show tunes inspired wedding? Sad jazz hands all round.

  • Billy Budd

    Bigoted greasy whale.

  • Cam

    What a coincidence, NOM’s coffers are dry, her salary is in danger and she writes an article telling people they have to send her more money.

    Yeah, that isn’t self serving at all.

    Oh, and Maggie, once again, the three questions.

    If you are such an advocate for “Traditional” Marriage.

    1. Why are you and your husband never seen together, and never in the same place, while he travels around with his “Friend”

    2. Why don’t you wear a wedding ring as is “Traditional”?

    3. Why don’t you go by your husband’s last name as is “Traditional”?

  • gskorich

    why don’t these people admit all they want is a Theocracy in America. they want christian extremists to run the country. women won’t be allowed to work, gays will be banned, anything considered outside the norm will be cast out. creationism will flourish and the dumbing down of america will be complete

  • Ken

    @jazz4108: I wonder what would happen if someone, in a press conference, would ask her, “What did Satan give you in exchange for your soul?”

  • LubbockGayMale

    She and her supporters do not have to live in a USA that condones gay marriage; Russia would be happy to have them, I hear!

  • Cam

    In that picture doesn’t it look like her neck is trying to eat her face?

  • SteveDenver

    @Cam: B-O-L! (Bust Out Laughing!) Your comment cracked me up BIGTIME!

    Speaking of “wallowing,” has she ever produced the husband she talks about, but who seems reluctant to be seen in public with her?

  • bmwblonde

    Anyone can plainly see that Mz. Gallagher, the Queen of Scold, is herself a total Picture of Joy and Aliveness. Only one full of self-hate can be so terrified of, and hate-filled toward, others as she is (in her goofily naive way of doing it). And that’s what all her Walrus-blubber is often about: insulation from the Dangerous, Terrifying outside world and all its scary, repellent realities. Likely she had a horrible, abused upbringing.

    All Very, very sad — except that she is 100% out of touch with reality, and also, has LOST her Krazy Kampaign. Oh and Maggie — probably more like 20% of society is Gay, sometimes gay, partially gay, etc. — not 2%. But still the Gay World HAS done a stunningly great job of refusing to be ever again stepped on, or to serve as the lightning rod for TEENSY bigots like this protoplasmic blob.

  • AxelDC

    She should be glad that Friday’s unemployment report had plenty of good news for people like her who will soon be out of work.

  • sejjo

    I just read the referenced blog. Poor girl’s really naive. These guys need to realize that victimizing gay people will from now on be an expensive proposition. And it is, it really is.

  • mcflyer54

    Hopefully this is Maggie’s last desperate attempt to scare her few remaining followers into making a big fat contribution to her nearly bankrupt organization. It must be totally devastating to see something you’ve worked so hard on end in such a humiliating defeat. This is especially true when this failure will eliminate your income and force you to find real work. Better get that resume in order Maggie and hope you can find a prospective employer willing to overlook you huge failure at NOM.

  • toberlin

    Dear Maggie,I reserved all my “raw and ugly power” for child deformers like you…

  • rand503

    I wonder if her and Brian are up for another national bus tour?

  • Billy Budd

    She hope she dies very lonely and bitterly regretting her life choices.

  • CodyJ

    she needs some SERIOUS neck surgery….’Calling Dr.Moe,Dr.Larry,Dr. Curley,”

  • NateOcean

    Didn’t John Goodman in drag play Maggie Gallagher in a SNL skit?


    Its strange Maggot never got the memo that unattractive morbidly obese females are supposed to be BF’s with the Gays……….. :p

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Smell the formaldehyde, Maggie? Extinct. Princeton’s Robert P. George must be lonely in that jar of his too.

  • mcflyer54

    It must be killing this woman that all those previously easy yo get donations have dried up. Polish up that resume Maggie, it’s a tough job market out there and you’re gonna want to be really careful how you explain your huge failure at NOM to any prospective employer. The failure of NOM certainly isn’t going to make you a desirable candidate to most responsible companies.

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