Man Shares Hate-Filled Texts From Ex After She Finds Out He’s Bi


It’s lame that we still have to put up with this kind of thing, but an Imgur user has shared what he says is an ignorant rant from an ex who just doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of bisexuality.

Whether this is an authentic exchange, or a fictional dialogue written by a lonely person who wants to boast, the whole thing is a real eye-roller.

It starts friendly enough, with some what’s-ups and long-times. Then the lady gets down to business, asking the recipient into her bed with devil emoji.

“I’m flattered but I’m in a relationship,” the guy responds. So polite! So well-adjusted! This exchange reflects so well on him, he couldn’t have scripted it better if he tried.

At that point, he reveals that he’s dating their mutual friend “Declan,” so, either millennial or Irish.

Then she freaks out, with lines like, “You can’t seriously tell me that having sex with a guy is more fun than having sex with a girl,” and “What you’re doing isn’t right, I have a p***** h doesn’t. If you like f****** a** then you can f*** mine, just don’t be gay, it isn’t right!?!”

He continues his polite, reasonable responses to these texts that in any sane universe would result in an immediate blocking. “I’m not sure where this homophobia came from but it’s disgusting, you’re 21 years old, act like a mature adult,” he tells her. But she goes even further: “Your’e too hot to be saying this. You’re too hot to be gay,” and “Never seen a gay black person before it’s not right.”

There’s no particular punch line to the story, other than the one screengrab where the author “Kyle” tried and failed to redact his name. It just sort of ends with him saying “nice catching up with you,” and also getting tens of thousands of Imgur views, which is probably worth something to someone.

Here’s the full conversation:





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