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Man stabbed to death after bisexual menage-a-trois goes horribly wrong

Well, this is rather horrifying.

20-year-old New Yorker Manos Ikonomidis was brutally murdered after partaking in a bisexual threesome with a 21-year-old man and woman.

The attack happened in Brooklyn and involved an aluminum baseball bat and knives. According to police sources, the violence began after one of the participants, presumably Ikonomidis, began filming the encounter against the woman’s wishes.

The New York Daily News reports that the menage-a-trois came to an abrupt and awkward end when the woman become upset. The 21-year-old man, who was hosting, offered to drive her home, leaving Ikonomidis alone in the apartment.

When the woman’s boyfriend, who want not involved in the threesome, got wind of things, he allegedly contacted Ikonomidis’ girlfriend, who was also not involved in the threesome, on Instagram and said: “Your boyfriend f*cked up and will be taken care of.”

Meanwhile, Ikonomidis got dressed and left his friend’s apartment.

The angry boyfriend apparently wasted no time enacting his alleged revenge because the moment Ikonomidis stepped out the door, he was ambushed. Surveillance video shows three men chasing him down the hall as he tries to escape the building.

Ikonomidis was beaten with the baseball bat and stabbed three times in the chest before his attackers left and he stumbled towards a nearby apartment.

According to the relative, “He fell into her house, she opened the door … he was apologizing, ‘I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.’” Then he pleaded with her not to call police.

“He went to stand up, I don’t know if he was gonna try and leave or what, (and) collapsed on the floor. She said his whole body started jerking and when they came, he barely had a pulse.”

“It’s something out of a horror movie,” resident Carol Petersen, whose 18-year-old daughter heard Ikonomidis screaming bloody murder, says. “It’s horrible. It’s a nightmare.”

Ikonomidis was rushed to the hospital, where he died shortly thereafter. So far, no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

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  • Me2

    Bisexual? I read the article in its entirety and never once was a claim of bisexuality ever made.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      ummm, the encounter involve both men and a woman so ‘bi-sexual’ would be an apt description of the event. or are you upset because none of the participants identified as bi-sexual? while a fair assessment you’re being rather picky over simple terminology of what went down.

    • JamJewel

      I agree…. nowhere else in mainstream media is the claim made that it was a bisexual threesome. With that one word, Queerty justifies republishing as being gay-worthy. Typical!

  • Etseq

    Graham and his weird obsession with making every straight man bisexual – there was no indication in either the NY Daily News or Post article that there was any man on man sex going on but Queerty labels it bisexual. According to this logic, every str8 porn movie that involves a 3some is de facto bisexual…

    • Richard 55

      Well, porn makes every woman bisexual, doesn’t it? Anything for a buck….

    • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

      Women to take money to have sex on camera with other women make themselves bisexual. No one is forcing them to even be in a porn, much less perform any certain act.

  • ChrisK

    So the BF was only pissed off because the guy the filmed it? At any rate, BF will get life. Planning a murder out doesn’t look to good for your defense.

    • MediaGuy

      Chris K. “planning a murder “out”? Out? What is planning a murder “out”? Are you from Philadelphia or something? I bet yeah, you are. You right like a black guy from Philadelphia.

      Also notable, “doesn’t look TO good for your defense”. “To” good. You’re a fu*cking illiterate. Not just a liberal, but an illiterate liberal at that. I told you, do that in the hood, nobody will notis. But here, you stand out like a sore thumb. Cringing for you.

    • Kangol

      I love how MediaGuy criticizes your English, adds a racist slur (so typical on Queerty these days, with zero moderation to stop it), and yet cannot spell or write* correctly himself/itself. This site really brings out the haters.

      *Perhaps MediaGuy will figure things out on his own, but if not, it’s “write,” not “right.” And “notice,” not “notis.”

    • ChrisK

      I pissed off MG somewhere down the road and now it’s hell hath no fury like a women scorned I guess. Nothing I love more then a self righteous idiot though.

    • ChrisK

      Excuse me. Self righteous Grammar Nazi that is.

    • BigWill

      @Kangol: “…with zero moderation to stop it.”

      Yeah, I don’t get it; other gay sites don’t have this problem. I don’t know if QT is under the impression that it provokes lively debate to allow MediaGuy/Mo/Kaiser to constantly troll or what.

      Anyway, the best thing for me to do is stop reading and participating in comments. Instastuds is pretty much my favorite regular post anyway.

    • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

      Other sources are saying she claimed to have been raped. A false claim of rape got the original Logan from Corbin Fisher murdered. This is probably the same thing here.

    • dinard38

      @Kangol. I’m glad you called out MediaGuy. I had to read that confusing sentence several times before I realized that he had misspelled ‘right’. You would think that if you’re going to insult someone on their grammar that would would proofread your own grammar. Haha.

      And that statement about ‘righting’ like a black guy from Philly was just racist.

      Oh, I just noticed that he spelled ‘notice’ wrong as well. ‘notis’ Dumbass!!!

    • Michael

      Hey Media Guy, who are you calling out for being illiterate? “You right like a black guy…” and “…nobody will notis”.

      Were you being ironic by mispelling? Yes, of course you were.

  • JMac2014

    Seriously? after reading this article the folks above me are miffed by the use of the word “Bisexual”? A life was taken I don’t think a label is really relevant.

    • Me2

      Yes, we’re miffed! Because it’s a misrepresentation of the facts and calls the credibility of the site and author into question. This phenomenon of presenting false and misleading claims to generate clicks should not be tolerated. A consequence of such blatant fallacies is that it causes a distraction from the real story.

    • JamJewel

      Without that word you wouldn’t be reading that story here.

    • Michael

      Yes indeed Me2! It “should not be tolerated”. Heil Hitler!!!!

  • kent25

    Bisexuals are Dangerous, Omar Mateen, Aaron Hernandez , they will kill you if you cross them. Was that poor guy straight? the one they killed?
    Those Bisexuals with their threesomes and gangbangs . Very TOXIC people it’s best to steer clear of them

    • Kenney G

      Yes Indeed, They are sneaky and on the downlow, They don’t want family and friends knowing they like to get down like that.

  • BennyP

    Bisexuals love their Threesomes, Foursomes, Fivesomes. all this and 1 bi girl.
    and she like getting plowed by a bunch of men. I don’t know where they find the time to carpet munch with the lesbians . All Bisexual are over sex greedy freaks a walking STD

    • kent25

      I have a friend who go to the gangbangs with some Bi guys twice a month. They are some freaky people . Those bi chicks are like a doorknob everybody gets a turn . no self respect whatsoever

    • Richard 55

      My bisexual friend is very conservative when it comes to sex. You are confusing sexual orientation with promiscuity.

  • inbama

    Straight or bi?
    Mabe the hair bun is a clue.

    • JamJewel

      ROTFL Hipsters with buns are bisexuals? Who knew? A new source of boyfriends opens up…..

    • JoeyRamone

      Get out of the house much?

  • DCguy

    This isn’t necessarily bisexual. This could easily be three straight people having sex, if the guys weren’t interacting it was just one woman and two men getting freaky.

    But so at least two of them were dating people who weren’t involved in the 3 some. Sounded like a recipe for some major drama even without a psycho boyfriend murdering the guy.

    And lastly, it’s always weird to me that the boyfriends or girlfriends of people seem to get more mad at the person their boyfriend or girlfriend sleeps with then they do with the person they’re dating. Very Jerry Springer.

    • JamJewel

      She supposedly claimed she was raped… which I think was the excuse she used when a strange guy brought here home and the BF wanted to know the circumstances surrounding that. The BF may not even have been told about the 3some, only about where it happened.

  • Herman75

    Way more to this than the story portrays.

    • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

      Other sources say the woman told the boyfriend she was raped.

  • kent25

    You can’t rape the willing, Bi women are some SuperFreaks , The more the Merrier . 2 bi chicks and 10 bi guys it’s a party

  • Kenney G

    Bisexuals are Kinky, When I was 19 I had a affair with a bi couple. BIG MISTAKE . They were very controlling. They only wanted me to have sex with them. They could do whatever they Damn well please, But I couldn’t date. And I’m gay , It was the wife that hooked me up with her husband but I had to be in bed with both of them . They move to Florida , That’s how it ended and I never looked back , Would I do it again? Hell No!

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    QUEERTY, WHERE ARE YOUR MODERATORS, OR DO YOU EVEN HAVE ANY?? these comments denigrating bi-sexuals are downright vile and disgusting, not to mention outright lies. l’m gay and I feel insulted by them. get off your asses and do. your. job. comments like these should not be tolerated and the people making them should be BANNED FROM YOUR SITE!!!

    • JamJewel

      With all the overt prejudice in gay life, THIS bothers you? We can’t ask for freedom of speech then deny others theirs. We need to know the mindsets of the people with whom we are interacting on social media.

  • jussie_roderick

    I don’t even understand why this would make it to this website? It seems that anything that involves two men in the same sexual situation is instantly grouped into an LGBT category and would make a good fit for this blog – even though bisexuality was never mentioned in the piece or in bigger news publications’ reports on this case. The two men involved could’ve just been having sex with the female, not with one another – that doesn’t mean they are bisexual. This isn’t a bisexual hate crime. This isn’t raising awareness of violence against bisexual people. I don’t get why Queerty chooses some of the content it does. This isn’t even national news. A life was lost through murder, and it’s embarrassing enough how it went down. I see this as Queerty’s attempt to sensationalize a tragedy and make it relevant to our community when it’s not.

  • BennyP

    If this guy was so Bi why isn’t he dating a woman instead of hanging out with a pre op Trans woman

  • Wayne

    First of all, I know the family of the murder victim, and needless to say, they are devastated. So please, let’s not add to their pain. I must say that this article is a bit irresponsible. I agree with some of the comments here that the author was too anxious to make this a story about bi-sexuals. Yet, there has been no indication that any of them are bi-sexual.

    • ErikO

      I’m sorry that your friend died and was murdered, was he bisexual at all?

  • Bob LaBlah

    Not only does the fault lay at the feet of that girl who was involved in this but there is something about this story that leaves me wondering what was the real motive behind killing him. There is a picture of the kid who got killed on nydailynews and he looks VERY gay even though the article give no indication that he is. I’ll let you, the reader, do a google search and see if you come to the same conclusion.

    • JoeyRamone

      Looks VERY gay? wtf does that even mean, sissyfag? Are you still living in the 1970’s? Have you ever even been to Bklyn? A lot of guys look like the murder victim, straight and gay, in hipsterVille. Maybe he was bi. Who knows, but nothing in any of the published articles indicate he was. You have no idea what they were doing in bed or going through their heads. Voyeurism. Sadism. Humiliation. People turn to all sorts of sexual situations for all kinds of reasons. Grow the f up.

  • crowebobby

    Three people having sex isn’t a “menage-a-trois”; it’s a “threesome.” A “menage-a-trois” is three people involved in an on-going love affair with each other — or even more accurately a “household” made up of three lovers.

  • kent25

    That what happens when you get involved with bisexuals. Those bi chicks are hypersexual and act like ally cat in heat I know a few of them that take on 3 to 4 guys at one time . are the looks are gone they want to play house with the lesbians . the bi guys are too much better, they get off on licking and sucking while the other guy in pounding the bi chick

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