Man Who Falsely Accused Four Gay Guys Of Raping Him Is Headed Off To Prison

Mark Wixey2.jpg-pwrt2A U.K. man who made false rape accusations against four gay guys is headed to the slammer.

43-year-old Mark Wixey (pictured) will spend the next six years behind bars after accusing four innocent men of rape. Wixey met three of the men on the dating sites Gaydar and Plenty of Fish. After hooking up with each of them, he contacted different police departments in various parts of the country to report being raped, resulting in at least one of the men being arrested.

“The false allegation made by Mr. Wixey in Worcester resulted in the arrest, detention and interview of an innocent man,” officer Zoey Carter said. “As part of the detention process he was forensically examined and provided intimate samples. The victim described the week following his arrest as the worst in his life and believes the incident has changed him completely.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Carter explained that two of the men also became suicidal after the accusations: “One victim contemplated suicide whilst another was so distraught that he took an overdose which was, thankfully, unsuccessful.”

When authorities began noticing inconsistencies in Wixey’s various stories, he was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Though he initially denied the allegations, he pled guilty at Worcester Crown Court to all charges last week.

Judge Robert Juckes called Wixey a “troubled” man before sentencing him to six years behind bars.

“I am thrilled that we have achieved justice for all the victims concerned and I truly hope that they are now able to put an end to this chapter in their lives and move on,” Carter said. “In fact, I received a message from one of the victims this morning thanking us and explaining that he felt like a huge amount of pressure had been lifted and that he felt like he’d been given his life back.”

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